Posted by: Shdowgroudon | September 23, 2007

“This marks the start of POKEMONSTRATEGY! Let’s do our best!”… -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Hello, and welcome to Pokemon Strategy! I’m Shdowgroudon, and this will one day be (I hope! J ) a website that many people can enjoy! This is what you can expect seeing in the near future: 

-Constant and updated news on Pokemon and Pokemon Crater!

-A kind of Blog Chat/Forum where everyone can discuss their awe-inspiring strategies, have their teams rated, and demand battles with others over Wi-Fi!

-Every secret in the book for the Pokemon video games!

-Insight on the future of Pokemon games!

-A GTS trading page, where you can post a Pokemon, searching for a Pokemon – and the same goes for Pokemon Crater on the Pokemon Crater Trades page, also run by the well- known Cranberry K!

-A Pokemon Crater Page, too! Talk about anything you want here, like where to find that rare Dratinice you’ve been looking for, or if you want a Live Battle with someone – and I may even throw in some new-found cheats once in a while!

-And last but definitely not least, everything you ever wanted to know on Pokemon strategy: strategy styles, combos, items and in-depth data on each and every Pokemon’s recommended moveset and item, according to each individual style!!

So get ready for the greatest strategy site ever!




  1. WOW!

    This site is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    I can’t wait for more….. I’ll be checking it every few days.


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