Posted by: Shdowgroudon | October 10, 2007

Canalave Library Myths

Hi! While you’re waiting for me to finish the Strategy Pokemon, here’s a debate to discuss on StraTalk if you feel like it. In Canalave City Library in Diamond and Pearl, there are a lot of myths on the top floor. I have read and deciphered these:

“Sinnoh Region’s Mythology”: I believe this is about Shaymin, because it is the Gratitude Pokemon, and the myth also speaks of why Pokemon appear in tall GRASS. Shaymin just happens to be a Grass-type as well.

“Sinnoh’s Myth”: This (obviously) talks about the Legendary lake trio.

“Veilstone’s Myth”: I’m pretty sure this one’s about Giratina, for three reasons – one, it happens near Veilstone, where south of which Giratina in Turnback Cave lies. Two, the guy, after finding the sword, is kind of rebelling from humans, as Giratina does (the Renegade Pokemon). You can also see Giratina’s sympathy (not a very common sight for an evil-ish Pokemon!!) when it talks to him, so in a way it relates to him. Three, the defenition for ‘Turnback Cave’ is ‘a cavern where dimensions are distorted’. I’m guessing that is ‘the place beyond seeing’.

“The Original Story”: If you know about Arceus, this one’s pretty easy. Once upon a time, Arceus hatched from an egg. It created Dialga and Palkia, and then the Trio. Together they created the Pokemon world, and they all took to sleep.

“A Horrific Myth”: This is about the Legendary Being Trio’s powers. If Uxie opens its eyes, all your memories will be wiped. If you touch Mesprit, all of your emotions will drain away in three days. (Hmm… I wonder if Cyrus touched it? Or was the old lady in Sunyshore City right, and he just randomly liked playing with robots (the Regis…?)?) If you hurt Azelf, in five days you will be unable to move.

“Sinnoh Folk Stories”: These appear to just be random stories.

But the only one I don’t understand… is “Sinnoh Myth”. I’m guessing that the first two ???s are Cresselia and then Darkrai, but it seems a little unlikely. And still, who is the Pokemon that controls happiness, Master ??? ? If anyone has a hypothesis, please post it in the StraTalk section!



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