Posted by: Shdowgroudon | November 22, 2007

Would the next Featured Pokemon please… um, swim to the surface?

Here are your hints for next week’s Ultimate Pokemon Strategy Featured Pokemon:

This Pokemon is an enormous blue Water-type with red markings. It can control rain and oceans worldwide – in fact, it created them! It then took to sleep, until it and another enormous RED Pokemon clashed and an enormous (well, not ENORMOUS, but very, very long) GREEN Pokemon appeared and stopped them. Then what did this Pokemon (and the other red one) do? Naptime! ZZZzzz… But don’t be snoozing when this entry awakens, because it will arrive soon!



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  2. i know that answer can i say it

  3. No, sorry! I know everyone knows it, but it’s just for fun.

  4. oh ok 🙂


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