Posted by: Shdowgroudon | November 25, 2007

Life Goes On

Well, although we should keep petitioning until November 30, life goes on. I have some news…

1. I’m working on the Catch ‘Em All Guide in the Crater Cheats, Chat and Trades section for those who need it in Pokemon Crater’s final hours. (or days, rather)

2. The featured Pokemon’s entry will be completed shortly.

3. You can now comment to vote for the next part of Pokemon Strategy!! They can be one of the following: Battle Combos (about useful battle combinations in Single or Double battles, competitive or in-game – much more than just Sunny Day/Solarbeam!!), Training Tips (which includes what EVs and IVs are, how to get easy EVs, how to train Pokemon well, and more), or Abilities and Characteristics (pretty self-explanatory). Just to let you know, Abilities/Characteristics will take the shortest amount of time, Battle Combos will take a moderate amount of time, and Training Tips will take the longest.


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