Posted by: Shdowgroudon | December 1, 2007

Goodbye, cruel world *playing taps*

Pokemon Crater is gone. Despite the broken hearts of many, it has been destroyed. Let us all observe a moment of silence to remember all of our Pokemon there, never to be seen again; all of the maps; all of your points; the new Pokemon Dratinice, Dratinire and Dratinilic; the Dark, Metallic, Shiny and Ghostly Pokemon and the new type which never was; the forums and the effort that was put into them; the awesome methods of training; the excitement of playing, trading, catching and battling; and the fun of interacting with friends.

 It is now 7:02 AM my time. This is my minute of non-typing silence in honor of Pokemon Crater, and I hope you will do the same at the fall of such a website.

It is now 7:03. Silence ends. Thank you all who were silent with me as well.

 Because I think it deserves one, I changed the name of Crater Chat, Cheat and Trades to Pokemon Crater Memorial.

We will never forget Pokemon Crater.






(I will not post any other posts today for the sake of Pokemon Crater, so here is the news: the next Strategy Pokemon is an ankylosaurus/turtleish Pokemon which may be based on the many legends of turtles carrying the world on their back. It might have been classified as a dual type with two of the following: Grass, Ground or Rock-types – during the pre-release period. It also has appearances as Paul’s Pokemon of choice to battle Cynthia’s Garchomp with in the episode ‘Top-Down Training’. It is the Grass-type starter’s final evolution in a certain region. Also, this Pokemon’s back blends in perfectly with the forest. But when this enormous Pokemon makes its appearence, it won’t stay hidden for long!

Another thing you may have noticed is the lack of quotes, and right after this I will hop to it.

I hope we remember Pokemon Crater regardless of those events.)



  1. awww man why did Arron do this to us *Crys*

  2. BUT HWY DID HE STOP POKEMON CRATER????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He did. He finished college and was too lazy to continue Pokemon Crater. That’s why.

  4. THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Why would someone go & do that?!?! What did we ever do 2 him? He didn’t have any right 2 destroy Pokemon Crater (Rest its soul). If I would have know about this earlyer; U wouldn’t have 2 even ask me 2 sign that potition. That makes me MAD that someone would do that. But its too late 2 do anything now.
    😦 Hopefuly, Arron will have a change of heart; Although, I doght that he has a heart, & realise that destoying Pokemon Crater was wrong & cruel 2 us heartfelt former members of the more than AWESOME website that was known as Pokemon Crater. Here, today, I Stand not alone but with contless others; who give their sorroes & comforts 2 those who feel the same way we do, about the tragic lose of our beloved website that will continue 2 exsiste in our memories, long after this resent event. The website known as Pokemon Crater.

  5. wat the i cant belive him why couldnt he give the site to some one else!

  6. He is SUCH a lazy butt!! If you’re gonna make something and have a million people join it, don’t destroy it! ERRGGGG!

  7. If anyone has any information on how to contact the PokemonCrater creator, I’d like to take over for him. There are thousands of children (like mine) who are invested in this and I would love to see it continue. If ANYONE has this information, please send me an e-mail at



  8. 😥
    and programmer you are a good person

  9. […] Read entire post at Pokemon Strategy […]

  10. No more pokemon crater but I hope this list helps.
    Online Pokemon Games

  11. I wish Pok’emon Crater is back… 😦
    Oh well. I don’t believe it that well, but I heard Pok’emon Crater is coming back in the summer of year 2008. Don’t start believing it, I just heard about it.

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