Posted by: Shdowgroudon | December 7, 2007

MOVIE 11: Giratina and the Bouquet of the Icy Sky

I have awesome news! The 11th Pokemon movie formerly thought to be solely about Regigigas and Shaymin is now known to be starring Giratina as well!! Its prolouge lends credence to the 10th movie, saying that ‘the war between the legendary Pokemon Dialga, Palkia and Giratina continues’. How Shaymin and Regigigas are involved in this, I do not know. Stay tuned for more updates!


12/8/07: I apologize; the movie is called the Bouquet of the Sky and not the Garden in the Sky! Also, you can visit the official website HERE: . It will be released in Japan in July 19, 2008. Not to worry, though, because the US should get the release of Movie 10 (Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai) soon – please check Pokemon Predictions for more info.

12/16/07: Never mind, it is now called ‘the Bouquet of the Icy Sky’. Grr. Next it’ll be called ‘Giratina’s Flower Garden and the Flying Potato Show!’. *rolls eyes*



  1. Awsome nesss

  2. I think Ash and Brock should attack mercilessly the legendaries (lol, like he’d win. really.) and Dawn just stand back yelling their names in vain. And then when they’re both beat, she should run in and kick some major butt!
    Sorry, random.

  3. Wait… BOUQUET of the sky? It sounds like a flower arrangement show…
    Garden of the sky would sound sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better!

  4. LOL… “Giratina’s Flower Garden and Flying Potato Show!” Okay, that’s really funny…

  5. Well, at this rate, it could even be ‘The Big Scary Robot and the Three Little Dragon Legendaries!’ LOL

  6. Hold on, i think this will be called Giratinia & The Bouquet in the sky, it said so on, oh this is going to be an awesome i can’t wait it looks like this could be the end of the gang an stuff, i hearg giratinia could turn people into tulips or steal there soul. but when will Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai come out because in the united states ash has barely got two gym badges and i also heard on serebeii that Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai takes place in a town where dawn wants to be a contest, i know this is all confusionf but go to it will make more sense.

  7. Wait, Giratina turns people into tulips? Can they at least be cursed tulips or something? Because if Giratina went on a turn-random-people-into-tulips spree, he’ll be living in a garden like the outside of a Barbie castle.

    Ash is a really bad trainer. In one of the first few Kanto episodes, he CHEATED to beat brock. He pumped ALOT of electricity into his Pikachu, so number one, he’s a lazy trainer and number two, he almost killed his Pikachu doing that. And he didn’t keep his good Pokemon… for example: Butterfree, which he traded away. WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Good thing he had the sense to go get him/her back. And he’s been through 3 regions already, don’t you think he could beat Roark with Tackle? Seriously. I think his mom resets Pikachu’s level to 5 every region. By now Pikachu should be at LEAST level 80. And he’s kinda stupid too. He used his Pikachu against rock/ground Pokemon. Couldn’t he go out, catch some grass/water Pokemon, and then murder Roark with them? I like whats-his-face… with the purple hair and bushy eyebrows… Ash’s sinnoh rival. He’s got more sense then Ash, even if he is cruel. I wish Misty would come back, beat purple-hair, beat Ash, beat Brock, beat the Elite 4 and Ash won’t even know what happened, she did it all so fast.

    Alright, back on topic, this movie will be called “The evil dinosaur who lived in a boquet with three floating kitty cats who lived in lakes but then they got kicked out by a bazillion magikarp and a politoed named Bob but wait why would cats live in water? anyway then the evil dinosaur… wait the cats don’t live with him palkia and darkrai and dialga do… i think… well anyway this movie is about an evil dinosaur and a blue giraffe, pink/purple bear thing and creepy flaoting black this in tutu” probably.

  8. HA blue giraffe and a purple/pink bear thing MAN thats rich

  9. Hello shawdogroudon remember me Yea from Crans site.first of all wats there are no ledgendary dragons second do u even know how to Pronounce Giratina and third of all all dont know anyway i dont know wat to type so bla bla bla LUCARIO RULZ and thats it.

  10. Psyduck wat are u talkin about Ash Raised a charmander right it evolved than it evolved again like 5 seconds it evolved into a charmelon.Yea wat wa he thinkin battlein with roark His rival used an ELIKID it doesnt matter wat type it matters about how u train pokemon and the moves u make them learn Charizard bet a Blastoise!
    and belive it or not a lvl 1 pokemon can beat a lvl 100 or it can beat a lvl 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 if they had a pokemon with such a high lvl….lol ill tell ya how first make it hold they focus sash or the focus band (doesnt matter which) than use the move endevore it will take all its HP ecept for 1 then the high lvl pokemon uses a move thinkin its goin take it out but the lvl holds onto its focas band or sash which now the lvl 1 has 1 HP Than the lvl just uses a move like quck attack or tackle bye bye igh lvl pokemon and thats how its done :mrgreen:

  11. That WOULD work in the real world, but think about it.
    Ash is a horrible Pokemon trainer.
    He would never even think of that.
    Honestly, he’s really stupid.
    When he faced Brock, even if he’s never studied elements of Pokemon and who they’re good against, by laws of nature you could tell that ground kills electricity. And Brock’s Pokemon are either rock/ground type, or have Ground moves, or both.
    Honestly, if you try tasering a pile of dirt, it won’t do much. Or tasering a rock.
    And if you don’t have a Focus Sash/Band for the strategy above, you can use Trick Room or something but for that you MUST use Quick Attack, and not Tackle. Well, if there even is a Pokemon that can learn those moves.

  12. Hey, Justakid/Zoopa Khan/I like pie! Can I just call you Justapiekhan or something? Justakid/Zoopa Khan/I like pie kinda takes a while to type. LOL

  13. And Rattata and/or Raticate can learn those moves.

  14. yea u can call me that and i type without lookin really fast and ur kinda right about pikachu and Geodude eletric doesnt effect rock pokemon but ur wrong in another way way he only had a pikachu so he yea anyway me and my friendmade a pokemon comic like that im like gary and my friends like Ash he can draw really good like better then a grade 6!i chose squirtle and he got charmander i caught a pikachu and he caught a bulbasaur and yea we including every pokemon except pokemon from sinnoh and pokemon dont kill.they faint.

  15. wait with the trick above it can still work cause even if it does use trick room it swites items then rattata used endevor then it still had 1 Hp so even if it did have the focas sach it will still leave the oppent with one Hp so it just uses quick attack then bye bye Lvl 100 :mrgreen:

  16. when is giratina and the bouquet of the sky come out

  17. focus is spelled with a u not an a(from the ultimate national poke dex).

  18. i think they made a lot of the first gyms rock type so ash wouldnt beat them in one hit, but… shouldnt ash of beat jaun and other water types in one hit? thats whats weird anyway your right ash is stupid, plus in an early episode when a mankey stole his hat he screamed and shouted at the mankey.

  19. yes you are right, when a mankey stole ash`s hat in the kanto series, he screamed at it and climbed up trees after it, which is stupid, on a totaly unrelated subject, i think paul is based on silver from pokemon gold/silver/crystal, what do you think and the greatest pokemon trainer in the world is gold who beat red who beat 2 pokemon leuges and had a level 87 pikachu, and i said all of that without a single period meaning this is one long sentence, goodbye.

  20. and my fave trainer is brendan.

  21. lol,he is domb why doesent he just pick 6 pokemon and use those 6 all the time they would be so strong he wouldent have to waorry about the type…..instead of switching every regeon

  22. funny but u can kill lv 100 pkm really easily with shedninja using toxic and double team long as they can’t hit it and the movie was really cool. giratina origin form kicked ass for a while anyways

  23. LOL! Flying Potato Show!!!

  24. pokemon jigglypuff all pokemons tame

  25. j ai en vie de faire une photogopie de giratinia

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