Posted by: Shdowgroudon | December 18, 2007

Next Featured Pokemon Hints

Here are your hints for the next featured Pokemon!

 This Pokemon is a master at the martial arts, and is very agile and quick. Its crown of flame on its head never goes out. It is a Fire/Fighting type and its archnemesis is a Water/Steel type, despite the fact that it can easily beat it.

Keep on your toes, because this Pokemon is coming up next!




  1. yes awsome! 😀

  2. It took me the longest time to figure it out… lol, kinda slow. Then I was like, oh… it’s in my team. o.o

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  4. That Pokemon so can NOT beat the Water/Steel one easily.

  5. Usually, yes. With Close Combat and its superior speed (unless its speed has been messed with by means of Paralyzing or stat-reducing or Close Combat’s PP has been burned out), any self-respecting you-know-what user can wipe out the likes of its rival.

    Nothing against the Water-Steel Pokemon, though – it can easily beat ITS rival with (usually) higher speed and Ice Beam! Ah, the poor Grass-Ground Pokemon…

  6. the pokemon listed here have names-



    grass/ground(in my book the best)——Turtwig—->Grotle—->Torterra

    to easy!!!! they are the three final evolution pokemon Dimond and Pearl!!!!! ;-P

  7. Yep! I can tell you now, since they’re already out, but you got it right! I know it’s easy to guess, but it’s just for fun.

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