Posted by: Shdowgroudon | January 2, 2008

January 1, 2008 (kindly ignore the date below)

Hey there!

 Happy New Year’s of 08!!!!

 (   )

  / \




 Ok, anyway, here’s the scoop on what’s happening:

-Somehow, I can’t connect to to check on our little Darkrai pal. I’ve tried and tried, but I think it’s something with and not my connection. If anyone CAN connect to it (or cannot), please comment and give me an update.

-Cranberry K and I are working on some new stuff (3 things to be precise).. I’m sorry I haven’t been working on the updates, but I’ve been pretty busy between Cran and Psyduck (with the Mystery Dungeon page).

-A new quote should be up momentarily; thanks for being patient with the delays.

-The holiday Pokemon has yet to make its appearence, and I apologize for this as well. Wait… is that sleigh bells I hear? …Does Groudon even have ears?? Hmm, sounds like the entry should be arriving soon.

-I might get pictures up in the Featured Pokemon section, thanks to Cran. Yay! 🙂

-During the winter vacation, I have met two new little friends who may be appearing on Pokemon Strategy! However, this is uncertain as of yet, but we should hope they will arrive by this year.

Happy New Year once again!!




  1. Please, tell me whos your 2 new friends? Are they Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time Exploration Team and Darkness?

  2. works for me… that’s weird.

  3. Boh Khoeum: No, but you’ll find out later.

    Psyduck: Yeah, it’s working now.

  4. When are they going to translate PMD2 in english version andhow long would it take?

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