Posted by: Shdowgroudon | January 12, 2008

Diamond Dust in Snowpoint City!!

For today only, all Wi-Fi users can see something other than snow in Snowpoint City!! Instead of the usual slowly falling snow, there are sparkles falling from the sky known as Diamond Dust. Even the sign for the Snowpoint City Gym has changed to say:

‘Snowpoint City Pokemon Gym

Leader: Candice

The Diamond Dust Girl!’

Also, if you were to hack a battle in Snowpoint City (NOT the Pokemon Gym or the Snowpoint Temple), Diamond Dust would be a weather effect. Cool, huh?

And if you were wondering why you need Wi-Fi, it’s because Nintendo needs to update your game. If you have Wi-Fi, it will automatically be updated – no need to go into a bunch of menus or whatever.

Remember, this special effect is only in place today (Saturday, January 12), so check it out while you can!



  1. cool I missed the diamond dust 😦

  2. Darn… Well, you can see a video of it right here:

  3. I wonder what effect Diamond Dust has in battles 🙂

    This is Pokeking signing off

  4. hey I think something special happens! I think you go underground and talk to the sphere traders and he will offer a rare doll like lucario so just set back the clock on your ds to january 12 and go underground and see

  5. try going underground set your clocks to january 12 then do it see if someone will trade a rare doll like lucario doll!!

  6. never mind it wont work only japan can get it through an event

    • You’re right, Japan had a Lucario doll event over Wi-Fi. But it only worked on Japanese versions.

  7. I’ve never remembered to go look at the diamond dust on January 12th, but I noticed something weird today.

    I turned on Platinum today and flew to Snowpoint City (I was going to go up to the Snowpoint Temple and try for a shiny Regigigas) and I noticed that the town had the diamond dust rather than the normal snow, and the Gym sign has changed as you mentioned. The thing is, the date is September 20th, and the date on my DS is also set to Sep. 20… Any idea why this is? I thought the diamond dust was only on Jan. 12th….

  8. it was yesterday duh! the 27th of feb

    • You’re right: apparently, it’s a built-in game mechanic that happens every once in a while. But the Pokemon Company kept it a secret until Junichi Masuda’s birthday!

  9. The diamond dust appears on several selected dates. January 12 and September 20 are just some of them.

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