Posted by: Shdowgroudon | February 2, 2008

Of Contests and Darkrai and Strategy too

Plus more info on Rise of Darkrai for you! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! Note to self: needs more work.

BREAKING NEWS TO MOVIE FANS!!!! see bottom of post

Yesterday, I thought that on, my computer was acting up when I saw this. But I surfed the web a bit, and found this:

Darkrai mistake on 

(thanks to for the image)

So it was true after all. 😛 The day aired, if you were to go to it and click on ‘Video Game’, there would be this error message, probably from one of the makers of to another.

 Also, Pokemon Strategy’s first contest, the GTS contest, has its rules up. A brief recap: You can win the 100% guaranteed catch Pokeball: the Master Ball, the ultimate healing item which can heal all party Pokemon to full health and only available through a Nintendo event: the Sacred Ash, or a hard-to-find Thunderstone, which is key to evolving Pikachu into Raichu and Eevee  into Jolteon! How? By entering the GTS Contest! Please go to the Contest page to learn more.

Also, Pokemon Strategy’s ‘Ultimate Pokemon Strategy’ page will be temporarily closed. Don’t worry, it’s not gone; just password protected and will be back with updates and 3 brand-new Featured Pokemon!

HEADLINE NEWS!!! 10th MOVIE: Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai to air February 24 on Cartoon Network (US date and channel)!!!!! Another thing you might want to note is that the Fried Dynamite people said “see a clip of Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai months before it hits theaters”. Months before it hits theaters. Key fact: “It hits theaters”!! Does this mean I was wrong? Is the rising popularity of Pokemon and the awesome quality and plot of the newest movie enough to bring Pokemon back to the REALLY big screen? Best of all, does that mean we get the legendary Eigakan, AKA ‘Movie Darkrai’ – with Roar of Time and Spacial Rend???? We’ll just have to find out! Stay posted!


PS. I have been ill for the past few days, which explains the lack of posts.



  1. Rise of Darkrai will be shown entirely on cartoon network. That most likely means it will NOT be in theaters and what that kid said was a mistake.

  2. True, true… And besides which is the fact that Pokemon has never done this before. But then again, in Japan that was the first time they had Pokemon downloads at a movie.

  3. Actually they have had many more in the past.

  4. Hola mi amigos, Kris is right the company also gave away deoxys during eight movie Destiny Deoxys In japan.

    This is Pokeking signing off

    P.S. Shdowgroudon can I spread the word of you awesome site? 🙂

  5. Never mind, you’re right. I forgot about Deoxys. And yes, it WAS a mistake. Too bad…

  6. hey shdowgroudon do you know where to get arceus?….if u do plzzz tell me so far i am board cought llot ogf legendarias want another one…..sry about bad spelling

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