Posted by: Shdowgroudon | February 14, 2008

Movie 11: Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky: Shaymin


Name change, 103.

Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky

Giratina and the Bouquet of the Icy Sky

Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky: Shaymin

And HOW is that different than ‘Giratina’s Flower Garden and the Flying Potato Show’?? Shaymin is practically MADE of flowers, and I swear those blinky lighty things on Regigigas are really food colored potatoes!!!! (or ‘The Three Little Dragons and the Big Bad Hedgehog + a robot to boot’, The evil dinosaur who lived in a boquet with three floating kitty cats who lived in lakes but then they got kicked out by a bazillion magikarp and a politoed named Bob but wait why would cats live in water? anyway then the evil dinosaur… wait the cats don’t live with him palkia and darkrai and dialga do… i think… well anyway this movie is about an evil dinosaur and a blue giraffe, pink/purple bear thing and creepy floating black this in tutu’… I think you get the point.)

Oh well… at least we got the Ken Sugimori official Shaymin artwork.

There is also news of Giratina having two forms: one is its normal form, and the other is the one it uses to go between dimensions. And Ash and friends just happen to go to another dimension – Shaymin’s – with the help of Giratina. Is it speculation, or is this a clue?

Anyway, Ultimate Pokemon Strategy will be re-opening in a little bit. Thanks for your patience.

And one last reminder to enter the contest tomorrow! Good luck trying to nail that elusive Master Ball, Sacred Ash, or Thunderstone!




  1. cool, but when does PMD2 come out

  2. I believe it is coming out in late April, but that is just an educated guess with the given stats, time, ‘extra’ factors, etc.

  3. its coming out july 19 2008

  4. mmm… I don’t think so. Luckily it SHOULD be coming out sooner, unless it’s delayed.

  5. its cool

  6. A friend of mine told me how to get Shaymin

  7. I’ve been waiting along time for that game! I want to make riolu and lucario join my team! But they’re only on time! I’ve also just recently saw Pokemon The Movie 10: Dialg VS Palkia and The Rise of Darkrai! LUCARIO AND DARKRAI are my heros!!
    But Lucario died in the 8th Movie…. *sniff, sniff* oh well… at least he’s in the pokemon games now!! YAY!! Well Shdowgroudon, do you know when this new movie is coming out in Canada and the US? Please tell me or you can personaly email me at:
    Thanks ALOT!!

  8. Yeah, I can’t wait either! I’m going to make Team Terreign: a Mudkip, Torterra, and… GROUDON! 😀 I actually only chose Time because of Lucario… otherwise I would’ve gone with Darkness.

    Well, there is no release date right now, but if you think about how long it took for the other movies and calculate things like that, my ESTIMATE is Winter 2008 at the earliest, Early 2009, or Late Spring 2009 at the very latest.

    PS. Lucario rocks!!!! 🙂

  9. when does pokemon 11 moive come out

  10. how ever likes online pokemon games type in pokemon indigo add me as a friend mark2k47

  11. hello

  12. hello

  13. when is pokemon 11 coming out?

  14. do any of you guys know anything about the new pokemon game coming out for the DS
    Pokemon platinum where Giratina is the main pokemon legend.=)

  15. does anyone know what website this is on because I need 2 translate it 4 my friend Kevin.

    -Alyson <=

  16. hi do you know a pokemon movie 11?

  17. the movies coming out in te us in november 2008

  18. i read on the internet it comes out september 17 2009 in britan

  19. Did this Movie come to the US or is it only in Japan


  21. I have a Shaymin and Arceus in my pearl!!!

  22. yea!!!

  23. well i think the 11th movie is coming out in late december 08. Is that cool !!!!!!

  24. and i think the pokemon platinum game for DS is coming out in summer 09.

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