Posted by: Shdowgroudon | February 17, 2008

Giratina: Origin Form and Contest Closed


Well, I got more information on Giratina’s Origin form. This is what it looks like:

This, in my opinion, is a perfect second form of Giratina (although it looks a little odd). Giratina is based on a Basilisk, and there are three interpretations of a basilisk. One is a monstrous lizard with 6 legs. That would be Giratina: normal form. The other is an enormous serpent without legs (like the one in Harry Potter). That’s Giratina: origin form. But what about the last one? Well… the last one is an evil chicken with magical powers. (I’m not kidding!) I believe Giratina would kill you if you tried to eat it for dinner. 😛 However, I’m wondering if Giratina – in either form – has the usual basilisk powers of making people turn to stone/get paralyzed by its gaze?

As well, when I checked for Pokemon on the GTS on Friday, there was not one to be seen, unfortunately. So the contest is now closed. No prizes (Master Balls, Sacred Ash, Thunderstone)were awarded. I will re-run the contest next month, as well as a new contest to celebrate Darkrai’s release when it is released on Diamond/Pearl.

Also, you may have noticed I changed the tagline and header temporarily. You lieks? (countdown ’til the 24th…)

Well, see you next time!




  1. I think this form is cooler!

  2. Oh yea are they going to release this form? If they are when will it be released?

  3. It is beleived that Girantina will be like Deoxys and will be able to change form in the next game

    This is Pokeking signing off

    Fear the Doctor for it is Inoculation Day

  4. Yes, and that would make sense, because the next game would probably be Pokemon Opal – starring Giratina! Or it could be in one of the Opal cutscenes or something. Of course there’s always the possibility of it being movie-exclusive, too.

  5. You prove a very good point. In my fangame ( Amethyst and Topaz, check it out ) There will be 2 forms of Girantina.

    This is Pokeking signing off

  6. Cool! I wonder if Rayquaza will get a new form too 😛

  7. I would doubt it, after Destiny Deoxys the pretty much etired Rayquaza.

    This is Pokeking signing off

  8. when is it released

  9. Yeah, I know. I did 😛 ( : P ) But on WordPress, the : P’s look like this: 😛 THIS is a smile: 🙂 and this is a grin or laugh 😀

  10. Probably next year for us. 😦

    • maybe, shdowgroudon

  11. Well, a book in the library in D/P says there is a certain poke that can cause people to stop moving if they look into its eyes…the basilisk thing would certainly fit that description. It will be interesting to see where Nintendo is going with this.

  12. Mmm… yeah, but I think that’s what comes of touching Azelf. You’ll notice that Uxie and Mesprit’s powers are also listed, so that’s most likely not reffering to Giratina. I’m not saying it’s not, but I’m saying it’s not likely. Veilstone’s Myth, however, talks about Giratina, because Giratina is in a reverse dimension (being the Renegade Pokemon), just like Dialga and Palkia are in the time-space continum dimension. Turnback Cave is also a little south from Veilstone.


  13. The pokemon azelf has the power to control others minds making ” stop moving” but it’s really just mind control Shdowgroudon is right

  14. When is the release date for pokemon platimum and giratina is cool with low attacks

    • whatsa low attk

  15. omg, giratina is going to be in pokemon platinum version, not opal version, and is probably not going to be available to pokemon diamond/pearl

  16. Pokemon Platinum will be released in the North American Region in Early 2009. It will be released in Japan somewhat earlier in Late 2008. All other regions have yet to be announced.

  17. i want to how to get the second form of giratina inpokemon pearl


  18. i cant wait for pokemon platnum to come out

    • it has alredy com out

  19. where can you catch the origin form of giratina?

  20. how do u get him on pokemon peral

  21. how do I get the origen form on my pokemon pearl game????

  22. The realese date is March 22 2009

  23. The realese date is March 22 2009

    this is pokeking signing off

  24. erm anybody know how to get oak letter without gameshark or event then i go wiki they say can get from 1 grey beaderd man lolx i cannot find him zz

    • did u play it on da computr?

  25. i got an origin form giratina

  26. sombody!!!!! ansr ma queston!

  27. u cnt get it on pearl if u trade giritina holding the griseous orb it disapeares

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