Posted by: Shdowgroudon | March 26, 2008

Tick tock…

This is a random post so you know I’m on. I’m really busy, and things happen, the world spins, and life goes on, so I have less time to work on Pokemon Strategy (sniff…). I can’t make any promises, but I should probably have everything, including all the new updates, ready in a few weeks. I apologize for everything, but everything will be ready in due time!

Speaking of Time…

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time and Darkness should hit the shelves soon, and preorders are now being taken! You can find them at your closest GameStop, Game Crazy, Target, EB Games, or pretty much any retailer that sells video games. They come with an Explorer’s Guide for your version of the game, and include some starters and partners, interviews, gameplay and a quick peek at the beginning of the story, version differences (including a few exclusive Pokemon and items), a brief walkthrough of one of the first two dungeons, depending on if you preordered Time or Darkness (the dungeons are Beach Cave, the first dungeon, in the Darkness guide, and Drenched Bluff, the second, in the Time guide), and even a manga strip at the end! (the manga strip is about Team Pokepals, consisting of a Chimchar (human) and Turtwig (partner))

 If you look at the interviews in the Time guide carefully, you will notice that Darkrai may be involved in the plotline… Will it be good, like in The Rise of Darkrai (the 10th movie)? Will it be evil, like in Diamond and Pearl? Or is it just Darkrai, a second-to-last or a post-game boss? (We already know who the final boss is:








Dark Dialga!!!!!!!)

Also mentioning Time… the next Featured Pokemon has something to do with that! Stay tuned for the updates!





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