Posted by: Shdowgroudon | May 11, 2008



I have managed to get onto the computer, and found out exciting news: Pokemon Platinum, Giratina’s version, has been confirmed by CoroCoro!! Here are some known things about it:

-The main character’s costume has been changed slightly, like in Emerald.

-Giratina, Regigigas, and Shaymin all have alternate forms in the movie and are catchable in Platinum! This includes Shaymin: Land Form and Shaymin: Sky Form, as well as a new Regigigas form and Giratina: Normal and Origin Forms!

-There will be a new Battle Frontier!

-Volkner is not the final Gym Leader, and may be replacing Cynthia as Champion, following Emerald’s plotline of replacing Champion Steven with Wallace, the former final Gym leader.

-You can use Wi-Fi in the Underground!


Hopefully we’ll find out more! Until then, keep at your Mystery Dungeon 2’s while you wait!




NOTE: Some info from from “Possible Game News” and “Platinum Confirmation”



  1. awsome 😀

  2. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!

    I’m so hyped about all of the new features!

  3. sweet! hey wanna be freinds?

  4. lol i want that game XD

  5. oh come on who doesnt know that i found that out like last year oh yea
    and theres like a castle in the game too

  6. and i think the last gym leader uses electic type,
    and it might be Jasmine.

  7. about time its just like emerald i like the battle frontior

  8. i still want the game XD

  9. Please go to ! We have up to date posts, animation, mission walkthroughs, a Chatbox and more!

  10. hey how are you just wondering if you play clubpenguin still.
    Oh yea i started playing again and when will you make a new blog?

  11. do ya know what the sunyshore city leader becomes?

  12. HI~! 😀 click on my website its my youtube lol hope to talk to you soon. Please email me if you can.

  13. where are you shadow?

  14. there is no new regigigas form.

  15. i would like to say that it’s cool that you love pokemon. now, people think it’s lame if you like it. also, do you know when pokemon platinum comes out? is it just like pearl/diamond? or is it completely different? thx!!

  16. where are you? you stopped coming here! :/

  17. cool website but you should post more often

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