Posted by: Shdowgroudon | July 4, 2009

PMD3 Release Date? and HG/SS News!

According to EB Games and Gamestop, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Explorers of Sky will be released in the US on October 1st.

As well, a short commercial for HeartGold and SoulSilver has been released on the official HeartGold/SoulSilver website. Pics:

Some notable things shown are the new title screens having a 3D Ho-oh/Lugia (by the way, it says “TOUCH THE SCREEN” instead of the customary “PRESS START” – could this and the new touch screen menu mean the games will be more focused on the Touch Screen?), a new Pokemon Center, autumn-colored trees, a strange lava-like gym puzzle that definitely wasn’t in Gold/Silver, Ho-oh flying around in a lot of cutscenes, and a Tyranitar following Gold (the male main character) and a Chikorita following the unnamed female main character (note: NOT Kris) using Rock Smash and Cut. Another thing to note is the berry plant – they kept the same style plant as G/S, instead of the Gen. 3/4 berry trees. Will this mean the return of the old berries, or will they keep the new ones?

It’s likely that all Pokemon following you can use HMs, which is more convenient than going to the menu, then pressing A on the Pokemon, then scrolling to the HM you’d like to use. The battle footage proves that the attack animations for Water Gun, Razor Leaf, and Eruption are the same as in Platinum, which is to be expected since it’s based on Platinum’s game engine.

What do you think of the new games? Are you going to get one? If so, which version, and why? Or will you get both?
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  1. ^^ Can’t wait! Sounds exciting. Can’t wait to be able to play in the dark, since you can’t play G/S without some light on your screen. =/

  2. 😛 Pmd3 is out and hg and ss r coming out in like 3 months

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