Posted by: Shdowgroudon | November 18, 2009

Pokemon Rumble Passwords and TCG!

Has anyone gotten Rumble yet?

If you do, you don’t want to miss out on collecting a toy of the versatile Legendary Mew!

To obtain it, go to the Recruit Terminal and enter in the following password:

For those of you who can’t see the image, the password is 9561-8808.

This Mew may not be very powerful at first, but give a swing at the Move Terminal and you might just get an awesome move like Psychic, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, or one of the other myriad of moves Mew can learn by TM in the main series!

As well, it appears Pokemon Rumble is being promoted with a TCG expansion coming out in early December. Apparently, this expansion has new rules exclusive to the Pokemon Rumble set that are perfect for new players to be introduced to the TCG. Check it out:

Well, that’s all for now!

Shdow out!


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