Posted by: Shdowgroudon | February 6, 2010


CLICK HERE TO SEE IT (and its pre-evolution!)

The first 5th Generation Pokemon’s silhouette has been revealed on Pokemon Sunday!! (and no, it’s not Spiky-Eared Pichu ^^;)

The Pokemon’s codename is “Z,” and will be the star of the 13th movie, Illusion Ruler Z! (this will probably change to “Phantom Champion ” when its name is revealed)

In two more weeks, Pokemon Sunday said they will show the Pokemon colored in – maybe they’ll reveal its name and some of its abilites as well!

As well, with CoroCoro March’s release soon, will there be more information on Generation 5 revealed? Will other sources like Yahoo Japan or Famitsu show new Pokemon or details on the games? We’ll have to see!

Stay tuned for more!!


PS. What do you think this Pokemon could be? Here are some possible questions:

Is it a legendary?
What type is it?
What will its name be?
Does it have a connection to Lugia, who was once codenamed “Pokemon X” before Gold and Silver came out?
Is it an evolution or a new Pokemon?



  1. Hello ^_^

    I say that it is Wild Duck pokemon evolution, mighty warrior that many have ignored since Pokemon Day 1 ^_~–☆

    I say no more now ok? A^_^”

  2. it looks like a sonic with a pontail

  3. Looks like it could be the final fire starter…exciting as heck!

  4. It looks to me like it could be an evolution of Lucario and Pachirisu came to mind but I seriously doubt that! But they always have some sort of electric mouse pokemon… Pikachu, Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu. There is a new electric mouse for each new generation! And where is the other arm??? Did anyone else notice that it has only one arm!?!

  5. OOOhhhhh I see now the pokemon is turned so you cant see the other arm!!! The ponytail was messing me up!!! hahaha!

  6. Definitly looks like it could have an electric like aspect to it… linking that to an evolution of Pachirisu or even a new electric mouse! But the way the body looks still screams LUCARIO!!! Like the torso and the puffy thighs and legs… Im convinced it must be related to them somehow!!!

  7. It is probably the the Pokemon that many people have wanted, Anti-Arceus!

  8. I think it looks like an evolution of Lucario or maybe even a Mewthree

  9. It’s an evolution of Lucario! 🙂
    They’ve got a lot of similarities!

  10. My best bet is that it could be the final evolution of one of the new starters being featured in the 5th generation. It could also be the final or alternate evolution of a new or pre-exsisting Pokèmon. We’ll just have to wait & see. With this & many new more to come, we’re bound to see alot of surprises uncovered.

  11. Its name is Ginkami and it is the evolution of Mightyena

  12. It looks like a Water type Pokemon.

    I know that one of it’s colour is blue, the second one colour it is said to be black (not confirmed yet) and the third colour will be dark purple (not confirmed yet too).

    Proof: visit and check the post which announces the picture of the pokemon.
    Check it from closer view and see that it isn’t shadowed 100%, because I can see the colour on it’s right side of the belly.


  13. this looks like a zangoose evolve form to me

  14. and the name zangoose begins with a z just like the new pokemons code name

  15. No. According to, it is called zoroaaku.

    • Yes, today its name, type, species, height, weight, pre-evolution, etc. have been revealed.

      However, when this was posted, nothing was known about the silhouette except that it was most likely a 5th generation Pokemon starring in the 13th movie.

  16. […] zone), 2010, the first 5th generation Pokemon’s silhouette was revealed in Pokemon Sunday. Click here to see it! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)2 New Pokemon in Movie 11!! and Pokemon Opal?MOVIE […]

  17. go to deviant art . com. and were you can search pictuers type in z. the pokemon looks like a wolf has a big red ponytail,lightgreen eyes,long red claws and kinda duz look like mightyena

  18. zoroark and it looks like a werewolf

  19. it might be a new featured legendary dog. they have 6 birds so whats to say they cant have 5 dogs. its a very intresting form. and brings alot of ideas. for those of you who have seen the silhouette’s true form… or think you have please keep it to yourselves. There are alot of different revealings of the pokemon but only one is right… whos is it i have no idea. so like every one else just wait for the movie/game

  20. my final guess is its a ground ice or air type legendary since there are alredy a fire lighting and water dog…its anyones guess ^_^

    • Well, now they’ve confirmed it’s a Dark-type named Zoroark, and it and its pre-evolution, Zorua, do look rather cool. Check out my newer post if you want to see them!

  21. if any one is sure they know the element it uses please contact me at

  22. for goodness sake thats the element thats the type and everything i think the movie was out in 2009 his name is zoroaaku type dark thats final

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