About Me

Hi! I’m Shdowgroudon, or ‘Shadon’ for short. (Just so you know, that’s my name on Club Penguin, and when I was creating it, I had to leave out one letter because there wasn’t enough room. Thus Shadowgroudon had to be Shdowgroudon) I have loved Pokemon for almost 10 years, and I have been in the strategic field of Pokemon for about two and a half years now. I won one of the Gamestop “Toughest Trainer on the Block” tournaments, and I have the National Pokedex on my Emerald. (that means Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys too!) My top ten favorite Pokemon would have to be:

  1. Grovyle from PMD2/3 / Groudon
  2. Mudkip
  3. Lucario
  4. Torterra
  5. Dialga
  6. Latios
  7. Typhlosion
  8. Suicune
  9. Grotle
  10. Azelf

My account on Pokemon Crater was called supermudkip7 before it closed. I had over 1000 points on it, although I didn’t go on every day, as some people might have believed, because I’m too busy with other things, including this website! I have 13 Pokemon console games:

(my first game, which got glitched up eventually)
Emerald (which I have the National Dex on)
2 Diamonds
Pokemon Battle Revolution

Red (I’m only up to Cinnabar Island though!)
PMD2: Time (favorite game)
PMD: Red (my brother AR’d Blue without my permission =( so now it’s his)
PMD2: Darkness (restarted eight times as all the starters (me+partner))
Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia
Platinum (haven’t beaten the game since I’m STILL Soft Resetting for a Shiny Giratina)


-Cranberry K: She is one of my three real-life friends, and taught me the art of blogging. She was a major Club Penguin fan before Disney took it over, and loved Pokemon Crater while it was still there. You can visit her Club Penguin cheat site on my blogroll or right here: http://cranberryk.wordpress.com

-Kyogreky: The second of my three real-life friends, she loves anything and everything Pokemon! She liked Pokemon Crater, too. She has been a huge Pokemon fan since 2006. Her first and favorite Pokemon game was Sapphire.

-Psyduck/Sheimigirl: The final of my three real-life friends loves Pokemon and is a fellow Pokemon breeder and Shiny Hunter. She has loved Pokemon since 2006 as well. Her first game was FireRed, I think, and is also her favorite game.

-MylesPrower: The creator of Pokemon Strategy’s official counterpart, Pokemon Oceans, has been a fan since a while back. He has many games but also collects Pokemon cards and watches the anime. Again, you may visit his blog on my blogroll or here: http://mylesprower.wordpress.com

-Anthony_co: Anthony_co likes Pokemon, and is a great friend. I don’t really know all that much about him, but I do know that he likes the Pokemon video games.

-Justakid/Zoopa Khan/I like Pie: Justapiekhan is similar to anthony_co, because I do not know that much about him, but I think he likes Pokemon and Club Penguin.

-Zipo: Zipo likes Club Penguin and is a regular on Cran’s blog.

I’m thinking about accepting battles (Showdown/VGC rules) on my Platinum version. I’ll let you know if I reveal my Friend Code.

That’s about it! If you have any questions, post away!




  1. Awesome.

  2. Ps. Nice quote of the week lol!

  3. i’m psyduck now, not sheimigirl anymore ;D lol

  4. hey i like
    3.deoxys (attack form)

  5. Hi! I love your website… just kind of a cool place for random Pokemon things and such. I never knew that about my Pokemon calculator… heh! n_n

    Anywhoo, I doubt you may care, but my favorite ten:

    1. Milotic
    2. Mismagius
    2 and 1/2. Starmie
    3. Cradily
    4. Gorebyss
    4 and 1/2. Meganium (Dance, DANCE!)
    5. Kyogre
    6. Dusclops
    7. Mantine
    8. Forretress (My favorite little EXPLODER!!)
    9. Groudon
    10. Sharpedo

    Also, you seem like a Pokemon fanatic… I wanted you to know that I have a dying website in need of members, Pokemon Oceans. I think it has potential, but not there are no people… Help me out. Join, please.


  6. Sorry to double-post, but I also have a wordpress blog too! Visit me at http://mylesprower.wordpress.com/ !!


  8. To get Deoxys in Emerald, you need the Aurora ticket which you get either through an event or Gameshark/Action Replay, and you can get both cheating devices at places like Gamestop.

  9. Thank you, Psyduck. Some more info – Deoxys lives on Birth Island. To get there, go to the Lilycove ferry with the ticket in hand. Then talk to the lady who lets you board the ferry. I don’t remember exactly what she says, but it was something like “Those are some odd tickets.” Then she says some other stuff, and then she lets you board and sail there. On Birth Island (it’s deathly quiet, by the way… waiting for something to happen) you have to solve a puzzle with a red triangle thing by sliding it in the right direction. Once you solve the puzzle, Deoxys will appear and challenge you. It is on level 30, so be prepared. I would use a defensive Pokemon to whittle down its HP a little while sucking up all of its powerful attacks. When it is in the low yellow or red zone, start throwing Ultra Balls. Hope that helps!

  10. And MylesPrower? I’ll help you out as best as I can. It seems like a great site, and I understand why you don’t want it to go. I see anthonyco has already joined, and I’ll register as soon as I get the chance.

  11. What happened to pokemoncrater? it has shut down or something like that. (unown (z) is my username on pokemoncrater)

  12. Pokemon Crater is gone. Forever. (see posts NOOOO and Goodbye, cruel world)

  13. LOL… ya, you gotta love that calculator! ^_^

  14. Wait, calculator? I’m confused…
    Oh yeah, I dunno if I posted this somewhere, but here are my 10 fave Pokemon.
    1. Psyduck
    2. Ninetails
    3. Gengar
    4. Starmie
    5. Espeon
    5 1/2: Umbreon
    6: Slowking
    6 1/3: Slowpoke
    6 2/3: Slowbro
    7. Mudkip
    7 1/3. Kirlia
    7 2/3. Gardevoir
    8. Wailord
    9. Absol
    9 1/2. Jirachi
    10. Shaymin

  15. do you know any other pokemon websites like pokemoncrater? my top ten are:
    1. slowpoke
    2. kecleon
    3. mew
    4. mewtwo
    5. groudon
    6. beedrill
    7. empoleon
    8. luxray
    9. mudkip
    10. kingdra


  17. Unown Z: It depends on your preference. There are tons of Pokemon games out there, whether the ‘main’ games like Diamond/Pearl/Emerald/FireRed/Silver/Colosseum/Red/etc. or the ‘mini’ games like Pokemon Pinball/Ranger/Mystery Dungeon.

    Psyduck: We’re referring to the Poketch calculator secret in Pokemon Secrets.

  18. i love da caculator LOL

  19. Psyduck: We’re referring to the Poketch calculator secret in Pokemon Secrets.

    Oh, heheh, thanks. Sorry, i’m kinda stupid.

  20. um hi well um … i like the pokemon adventure games so any of you know any?
    also if u even care my top ten fav are
    1. EEVEE
    2. kirla
    3. gardivor
    4. mudkip
    5. growlith

    well thats it


  21. Unown Z, I would suggest finding an old G/S/C if you’re looking for the kind of catch-em-all kind of games, but Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a good choice if you like being a Pokemon.

  22. mudkip

  23. i like mudikip!

  24. Thanks for all the help but what about cards? Which pack should I get? By the way a new top ten:


  25. I have a Wii so what games should I get for The Wii and Gamecube? Is Mystery Dungeon on the Gamecube? I know about it from my friend who has it on his DS


    Ok, Unown (z)…

    What do you mean by ‘which pack’? That could mean theme deck or booster pack. If so, do you mean which series (eg. Mysterious Treasures or Secret Wonders) or which booster pack picture (eg. the Weavile or the Honchkrow on Secret Wonders booster packs)? Booster pack pictures have no effect on what cards you will get. (meaning if I get a Secret Wonders booster with a Gallade on it, it does not mean I will get a Gallade!) However, the theme decks (boxlike things) have a picture of one of the Pokemon in the deck. That IS guaranteed.

    And do you mean which POKEMON games or which games IN GENERAL? There is only one Pokemon game for the Wii (not including Gamecube games, which work on the Wii, or Virtual Console games, which you can buy with Wii points) as of right now, and that is Battle Revolution. The Pokemon games on the Gamecube are mini-game thingies: Pokemon Channel and Pokemon Box, and adventure games kind of like Diamond and Pearl: Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

    And no, Mystery Dungeon is not for the Gamecube. Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team is for GBAs, Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team is for DS’s, and soon Mystery Dungeon: Time Expedition Team and Mystery Dungeon: Darkness Expedition Team (AKA Mystery Dungeon 2) will be released in the US.

  27. Hi! My ten tops are:
    1. Empoleon
    2. Infernape
    3. Toterra
    4. Dialga
    5. Palkia
    6. Ninetales
    7. Articuno
    8. Moltres
    9. Zapdos
    10. Ditto!
    Hey, thanks for listening!

  28. Hi, i luv ur site. I hav an interesting question. I got the pikachu from battle revolution with volt tackle, and some of my friends were wondering if i cud breed a pichu with volt tackle. Is that possible. Plez help

  29. leafshredder i don’t know if you can do that but i think you can check on seribi.net amd click on d/p pokedex

  30. duckduckduckduckduck

  31. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  32. i know how to get a pichu with volt takle just have a male pikachu and a female pikachu a make both of them hold a light ball and take the two pikachu to the day care center and wait a while and soon there will be an egg walt about 6008 steps and by the way i never did this before but i saw this on youtube and you will have a pichu with volt takle

  33. well….
    my top 5 are:
    3.flareon* (*meens shiny)

  34. i had mewtwo but now i want mew.

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