Mystery Dungeon

Coming Soon!!

 While you’re waiting, here are some screenshots of PMD2: Time and Darkness (credit to IGN for some of them):


Starter Pokemon and Partners (Note: Meowth, Skitty, and Munchlax are not available as partners)

Personality Quiz Results: Coming soon!

Explorers of Time Picture 

The Relic Fragment… what does it do? It seems to be connected with the Time Gears.

Grovyle, the mysterious thief of the Time Gears – is it good or evil?

A peek at the first part of the story (using screenshots):

Explorers of Time Screenshot Explorers of Time Screenshot Explorers of Time Screenshot

Explorers of Time ScreenshotExplorers of Time Picture

Explorers of Time Screenshot

Explorers of Time Screenshot



  1. you want to start a protest stating that until pokemoncrater come back online we will march up and down the streets until the owner promises to put pokemoncrater back online and never shut it down again?

    • there is a =]pokemon crater called indigo i play on it all the time with empoleon and electivire and magmortar with weavile and lucario it is awesome its way than the original pokemon craeter

  2. o_O uhhh… i think that’s illegal. and he’s not going to, whatever we do.

  3. i feel that hey what do you ting we need the game . many countries are waiting

  4. what dungeon is darkrai in on pokemon mystery dungeon 2

  5. i already have darness and it has PALKIA

  6. i found this game last year on youtube

  7. plss need help!!!
    can somebody give me wonder mail codes for the golden mask for pmd sky????
    in darkness/time its not the same
    send me a message in youtube with the name

    thanks!!! and i will also give a reward!!!

  8. can someone give me a tip on defeting dusknior on sky!?

    • Before you start, make sure you have enough Oran Berries and Reviver Seeds to get you through. You’ll also need one or two X-Eye Seeds.

      1. First, throw an X-Eye Seed at Dusknoir.
      2. Next, use Agility or any room moves if you have them. If not, go to step 3.
      3. Move next to your partner to back them up – Grovyle is strong enough to fight off his Sableyes as long as you give him an Oran Berry now and then.
      4. Make sure your partner has their your strongest moves turned on, and use yours, healing with Oran Berries as necessary.
      5. You should have finished with the Sableye before Dusknoir’s status recovers; if not, throw seeds when needed. Go after Dusknoir, finish up the job, and you’re done!

      I hope this helped!

    • try throwing a sleep seed or a paralz seed it worked with me and makesure you have dark type moves or a focus punch it charges and has incredible power

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