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Pokemon Rumble Passwords and TCG!

Has anyone gotten Rumble yet?

If you do, you don’t want to miss out on collecting a toy of the versatile Legendary Mew!

To obtain it, go to the Recruit Terminal and enter in the following password:

For those of you who can’t see the image, the password is 9561-8808.

This Mew may not be very powerful at first, but give a swing at the Move Terminal and you might just get an awesome move like Psychic, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, or one of the other myriad of moves Mew can learn by TM in the main series!

As well, it appears Pokemon Rumble is being promoted with a TCG expansion coming out in early December. Apparently, this expansion has new rules exclusive to the Pokemon Rumble set that are perfect for new players to be introduced to the TCG. Check it out:

Well, that’s all for now!

Shdow out!

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Pokemon Rumble OUT TODAY!! + Arceus and the Jewel of Life reminder

As many of you know, Pokemon Rumble, a real-time action Pokemon game for WiiWare, is released today! It’s tons of fun, especially in multiplayer, so check it out!

Or if you’re not wanting to spend $15 on it just yet, a demo is available to download from your Wii!


As well, the 12th Pokemon movie and the conclusion of the Diamond and Pearl trilogy (beginning with The Rise of Darkrai and continuing in Giratina and the Sky Warrior), Arceus and the Jewel of Life, is hitting US shores on November 20th – this Friday – at 5:30 PM! Don’t miss it!

Shdow out!

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Hey guys

Oh, gosh. Where to start.

School has been extraordinarily taxing recently, and I’ve been misplaced into the wrong classes and only just got my new schedule today. I’m in a lot of classes with students above my grade level, so you can only guess where that goes. Not to mention the workload is a heck of a lot harder and I’m barely scraping through my homework each day. I have to get up at 3:45 in the morning just to go on the computer or read or do anything remotely entertaining. Throw in family …issues…, social problems, dealing with moving every few years, and trying to find the purpose in life, and I’ve found myself in a bind.

Well, anyway, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my personal life, but the point being: I’m prioritizing my education and career over everything else right now.

I want you all to know, though, I’m trying my very very hardest to balance my own wellness and sanity against your enjoyment, and I’m really, truly, sincerely sorry about everything that’s happened.

For right now, I’ll start by attempting to tackle updates, and if I can, possibly reopen the Ultimate Pokemon Strategy section with a few of my Competitive Battling techniques and Pokemon.

So, anyway… check my newer post for a few new updates. 🙂

Shdow out!

PS. I finally have Explorers of Sky, and it’s FREAKING AWESOME!! I love Special Episode 5 (the plot twist was really startling and dark) and the Sky Jukebox the best. I’m a Riolu with an Eevee partner – soon to be Lucario and Umbreon! 😀

What about you? Have you gotten Sky? Do you like it? What’re your favorite new features? And what type of Pokemon are you and your partner?

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Sorry, guys, but unfortunately everything will have to be postponed once again. (and right before CoroCoro comes out too! Dx)

I’m moving on Wednesday, so I have to do some major packing. What’s worse, I’m going on a roadtrip and won’t be back until the end of the summer. I’ll have precious litle time to update, but I’ll try to use that time wisely.

For now, expect slow updates until the end of the summer or until I say otherwise.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and all this off and on stuff.


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Advent of Arceus: Wednesday!

The latest Pokemon TCG set, The Advent of Arceus, will be released this Wednesday in Japan!

1 of 3 New Arceus lv. Xs!

1 of 3 New Arceus lv. Xs!

Credit to Toho for image.

The Lv. Xs are:
Arceus (PokeBody: Pantheon)
Arceus (Attack: Meteor Blast)
Arceus (Attack: Psychic Bolt)


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Of Quotes

Okay, unless anyone has any complaints about it, I’m probably going to add an occasional quote NOT from the Pokemon anime, although most of the time it will be.

That’s about it. Remember to check the Secrets page and see the HGSS news from yesterday!


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PMD3 Release Date? and HG/SS News!

According to EB Games and Gamestop, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3: Explorers of Sky will be released in the US on October 1st.

As well, a short commercial for HeartGold and SoulSilver has been released on the official HeartGold/SoulSilver website. Pics:

Some notable things shown are the new title screens having a 3D Ho-oh/Lugia (by the way, it says “TOUCH THE SCREEN” instead of the customary “PRESS START” – could this and the new touch screen menu mean the games will be more focused on the Touch Screen?), a new Pokemon Center, autumn-colored trees, a strange lava-like gym puzzle that definitely wasn’t in Gold/Silver, Ho-oh flying around in a lot of cutscenes, and a Tyranitar following Gold (the male main character) and a Chikorita following the unnamed female main character (note: NOT Kris) using Rock Smash and Cut. Another thing to note is the berry plant – they kept the same style plant as G/S, instead of the Gen. 3/4 berry trees. Will this mean the return of the old berries, or will they keep the new ones?

It’s likely that all Pokemon following you can use HMs, which is more convenient than going to the menu, then pressing A on the Pokemon, then scrolling to the HM you’d like to use. The battle footage proves that the attack animations for Water Gun, Razor Leaf, and Eruption are the same as in Platinum, which is to be expected since it’s based on Platinum’s game engine.

What do you think of the new games? Are you going to get one? If so, which version, and why? Or will you get both?
Discuss by commenting on this post!


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You’ll never believe this, but I’m alive.

I’m really sorry for not being active for, what, a year now? Probably longer.

Anyway, I’m not promising anything about being SUPER ACTIVE, 24/7. But I’ll post at least once a month, maybe every two weeks. Sorry, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Now, for a quick FAQ for questions asked while I was gone:

A: I got a life. =D No, just kidding. School was the main thing to blame for my disappearance, though I admit I did kind of… *cough* … forget about *cough* this site… *cough* *cough* … sorry! Please don’t kill me!

A: THERE IS NONE!!!!!! It turns out that the mysterious figure was NOTCHED-EAR PICHU (Gizamimi Pichu). This is NOT a fifth generation Pokemon! It was an old post, and at the time it seemed as if it would be kind of like Lugia in Movie 2, Latios and Latias in Movie 5, Munchlax in Movie 7, and Lucario, Weavile, and Bonsly in Movie 8 – they’d make a guest appearance. This was incorrect. The alleged “5th gen Pokemon,” or “Pokemon B,” was Shaymin Sky Form.

A: You don’t. Unless you are: A) living in Japan, where they are having an Arceus event (a Lv. 100 Arceus with the moves Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, and Shadow Force – the latter three are unlearnable except by this event) to celebrate the 12th movie, or B) using an Action Replay. See below for my opinion on the AR.

Q: Can you give me an Action Replay code for _________?
A: Let me make this clear: I DO NOT USE HACKING DEVICES OF ANY KIND. This includes ARs, Gamesharks, and Pokesav. Personally, I think hacking makes a game “unfun” and boring, but I can see why people might want to hack. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you do, just ask about it SOMEWHERE ELSE.

A: Pokemon Crater, to the extent of my knowledge, is gone. Other sites have popped up, such as Pokemon Indigo and Pokemon Net, but they are different from Pokemon Crater. DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING ABOUT POKEMON CRATER BEING BACK. If it really and truly does, I’ll let you guys know.

Q: How do you do/get/find ____________ in Pokemon _________ Version/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon _______/etc.?
A: Since this seems to be the most common question, I will TRY to do something about it. I will TRY to post one secret “cheat” a day during the rest of this summer. The key word being try. So to accomplish this, I’m going to have to stop all other projects on this site over the summer. But for now, check out POKEMON SECRETS every day for a new secret!!!!!!

Q: Where did the pages: D/P Pokedex, D/P Walkthrough, Fun Stuff, and Contests go??
A: As I said, I’m stopping all the projects, which means deleting those pages for now. Sorry about that.

Q: Do you have a Youtube account?
A: Not YET… >=D MWAHAHA!!! Yes, I’ll be getting one soon. Be patient! When I get one, the first video series I’ll post will be a PMD Walkthrough, then a PMD3 Walkthrough, and finally a few Platinum battles! I might do other stuff such as AMVs and non-Pokemon related videos too!

Any MORE questions? Ask away by commenting on this post!


PS. I’ve gotten a LOT better at competitive battling. As in, I finally understand what the term means. And SubSalac, Phazing, and all that good stuff.

PPS. I got to the second round of one of the Pokemon Video Game Championships tournaments, using Rain Dance and NOT TRICK ROOM!!!!!!!!! …then promptly lost to the guy who won 2nd. -_- Darn Smeargles. (And I decided at the last minute not to bring my Sleep Talking Swampert, too…) I’ll post the battle video number later.

Meanwhile another Senior friend of mine got to the finals by facing noobs the whole way through, and Kyogreky’s little brother, in Juniors, got into the finals with Feraligatr, Salamence, Garchomp, and Dragonite. And I think Salamence knew Rock Smash, too. But of course he was pitted against the only good team in Juniors – a hail team. Yeah. Blizzard FTL. And Kyogreky herself unfortunately lost in the first round to some more tough competition…


Oh, and special thanks to Marriland for finding that Sharpie to autograph my Chimchar card with. =D

PPS. Be sure to check out Pokemon Secrets daily for awesome tips!!

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I have managed to get onto the computer, and found out exciting news: Pokemon Platinum, Giratina’s version, has been confirmed by CoroCoro!! Here are some known things about it:

-The main character’s costume has been changed slightly, like in Emerald.

-Giratina, Regigigas, and Shaymin all have alternate forms in the movie and are catchable in Platinum! This includes Shaymin: Land Form and Shaymin: Sky Form, as well as a new Regigigas form and Giratina: Normal and Origin Forms!

-There will be a new Battle Frontier!

-Volkner is not the final Gym Leader, and may be replacing Cynthia as Champion, following Emerald’s plotline of replacing Champion Steven with Wallace, the former final Gym leader.

-You can use Wi-Fi in the Underground!


Hopefully we’ll find out more! Until then, keep at your Mystery Dungeon 2’s while you wait!




NOTE: Some info from from “Possible Game News” and “Platinum Confirmation”

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Hi and bye

I just wanted to let everyone know that I was on an unexpected vacation for the past few weeks, and will be taking a short leave of absence. When I get back, the updates will be finished. Thank you for waiting!


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