Pokemon Predictions

Pokemon Predictions

9/23/07 – Ok, our first prediction! Since the Dragon Trio includes Giratina as well, and we already have two of them, Dialga and Palkia, I’m assuming that, like Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, there will be a version about Giratina. That being said, Giratina’s gem is the girasol (like Dialga’s diamond and Palkia’s pearls), or fire opal. I doubt it being called Fire Opal version, and Girasol Version’s a bit hard to say. Most likely it will be called Opal Version, with Girasol Version coming in second and Fire Opal Version in last place. That wraps up our prediction this month, so see you next time!

12/14/07 – Now for Pokemon Strategy’s next Prediction! There is a Darkrai shadow (an outline of Darkrai, filled in with black) that appears on the front page of Pokemon.com!! This is very similar to the appearing and disappearing Manaphy Egg about a month before the Manaphy Code and 9th Movie were released…! If you wait approximately 5 seconds, a Darkrai shadow with a purple aura will fade in, float down the screen to one of the three ‘link tabs’ (it changes every time), pause there for about 20 seconds, then zoom off in a blur of darkness back where it came from. This could mean one of many things:

-the US will get the Darkrai ticket soon

-the US will get the 10th Movie soon

-the US will get the Movie Darkrai (nickname: “Eigakan” in Japan) (this is assuming the tenth movie, if not both, of the above happen) soon

More proof that Darkrai is liable to be released any time now is the announcement by Pokemon USA about a new TCG set; ‘Diamond and Pearl: Great Encounters’!

Here is the description:

Witness Legendary Battles… Experience Great Encounters

Palkia. Dialga. A mysterious legend emerging from the darkness to challenge all comers.Who will stand victorious? In the Pokémon TCG: Diamond & Pearl – Great Encounters expansion, these incredible Pokémon come together to battle one another in an epic confrontation that will be a triumph for Trainers everywhere! With more brand-new Pokémon, more Pokémon LV.X, and a titanic clash of some of the most powerful Pokémon ever, Great Encounters is your chance to encounter greatness!

  • More new Diamond & Pearl Pokémon!
  • More powerful new Pokémon LV.X
  • Includes two brand-new Legendary Pokémon, Cresselia and a mysterious, powerful Pokémon…
  • Features three theme decks built around new Diamond & Pearl Pokémon!
  • Exciting holographic parallel set for players and collectors alike
  • Over 100 cards in all!

In Stores February 2008!

This obviously means that Darkrai may be released in early January, followed by the release of its Trading Card and Set. (speaking of which, the Starter Decks are going to be called Eternal Time (Dialga), Infinite Space (Palkia), and Endless Night (Darkrai)) This also means that the movie will probably be released in late January or early February. So:

-Darkrai release: Late December – Early January

-Darkrai Event?: Mid January

-Darkrai Movie: Late January – Early February

-Diamond and Pearl: Great Encounters: Mid February – Late February

11/22/09 – 5th Generation Release Dates Estimation

Well, we can assume the 4th generation will be finished after Pokepark Wii, following the pattern of “two handheld generation titles (Diamond/Pearl), one console title (Battle Revolution), two remakes of previous games (although this happened in a different order, HeartGold/SoulSilver), expansion on original two generation titles (Platinum), and finally another console title (Pokepark Wii).”

In that case, around the time Pokepark Wii is released in Japan, news of the fifth generaion of Pokemon could arrive – most likely by means of a viewing of a new 5th gen Pokemon in the anime, followed by silhouettes of new Pokemon in CoroCoro.

I’d estimate the 5th generations will hit Japanese shores probably around Summer 2010. I could be wrong, or off by a few months, but since Pokepark Wii will be there this holiday season, and they’ll be bigger games, maybe June would be a good estimate.

In that case, factoring in HeartGold/SoulSilver’s release in the spring, around late summer/early fall, Pokepark Wii should be released in the US.

Therefore, I predict the 5th generation games will be released in the US either by around December or early 2011.

Yes, it seems a long wait, but we have HeartGold and SoulSilver, among others, to tide us over. :3

Finally comes the possibility of a R/S remake. Although almost guaranteed, I’ll update this as I see clues. For example, in Pokemon Scramble, there were no Hoenn Pokemon present. There have also been fewer and fewer good 3rd-gen cards in the TCG. This may mean they’re saving the good cards for when the remakes come out, similar to the absence of Johto Pokemon before HG/SS was released, then having the 2nd generation Pokemon have awesome cards. Also, seeing as you can go to Kanto in HG/SS, Hoenn is now the oldest region by about four years. Scary, huh?



  1. thaks


  3. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 is coming out in March of 2008.

  4. the new pokemon game for ds is callesd pokemon platinum and will be realeased in 2009 and instead of dialga and palkia being the star it will be giratina

  5. when is a shaymin movie coming out

  6. What a prediction that giratina will have its own game=)

    cant wait for it to come out =)

    i have it preordered

    ps i like your site and as a pokemon player of 8 years i enjoyed it…. just needs a few more things… i wouldnt mind joining

    • Thank you! Although it wasn’t called Opal Version after all… =D
      Well, this site is still a work in progress; I apologize for that. Plus, I’m using WordPress, which is a blogging server, to create a site, so it’s a bit harder.
      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoy it regardless!

      • i like the site too. im like the biggest pokemon fan ever cause i may have not played it for really long but i own lots of the games i own 2 fire reds gb and gba,blue gb, green gb, silver gb, gold gb, yello gb, emerald gba, diamond ds, and last but sertinatly not least platinum ds. i have been planin on getin a pokemon dungeon but now i have a ps3 so i have been spendin some mny on that, while im talkin about the ps3 it needs a pokemon game for it i think it would be so cool because of how good the graphics would be. so yea this is the end of my reply peace out yall love ur site while im typein pkmn craters waitin

  7. srry i meesed up i also play pkmn crater

    • Yeah, the Dungeon games are EPIC. Well, story-wise anyway. 🙂

  8. i think the 5th gen games will come out for japan september 11 for us march 13

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