Pokemon Secrets

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Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue/Time/Darkness/Sky

Pokemon Rumble

Ranger/Ranger 2 (Shadows of Almia)

Battle Revolution



Pokemon Stadium 1/2





  1. Thnx

  2. More Cheats and Tips:


    Go to Solaceon Town with an Egg in your party. Make sure you have battled all the trainers from Cafe Cabin to south of the Lost Tower. You know how there’s one path through the really tall grass near the Cafe Cabin? Ride your bike in 1st (fastest) gear from there down to past the Lost Tower. After a long ride, you should bump into the trees near there. Drive straight back up again until you bump into the trees near Cafe Cabin on Route 209. Repeat this, because it is the longest nonstop road in the Sinnoh region and will net you 494 steps on every roundtrip you take, making it quicker to hatch Pokemon Eggs! You can also have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor in your party to REDUCE the number of steps needed in half!!


    Use the Pokeradar and get high chains to raise your chances of seeing a Shiny Pokemon.

    • Hi, I just was asking what pokemon game are we all talking about? And why did you miss the o shdowgroudon?

    • and then when u go down turn left to make it longer

    • when u go down turn left then keep going this will extend the steps

  3. Another Tip/Cheat submitted by Psyduck: NOTE: This is a rumor. It has not yet been proven to be true. Right now, evidence is leaning towards: NEUTRAL.


    Okay, i’m going to use Golduck for this example.
    Okay, so you have a female golduck and male golduck, and one of them is shiny, and you put them in the breeding center. The shiny golduck lowers the chance of getting a shiny psyduck down to 1/64!!!! You can also do this with any pokemon and a shiny ditto.”

    • this is not true

      • That’s why it’s unconfirmed.

  4. i know about that ultimate moves im tryin get my sceptile to learn frenzy plant shawdogroudon wats ur fav starter i like turtwig

  5. i got a secret if u beat all seven trainer in the battle tower two times in a row without losing on the third time u go to the battle tower the 7th battle will be with ur rivals dad he has a ryperier milotic and a dragonite so be prepared my ryperier saved me from losing i took out 1 of his pokemon but he took out to of mine so i had my ryperier so it was ryperier Vs Ryperier he used ice beam nearly took me out but i used earthquake which took him out hw only had little bit of Hp left then with dragonite i used rockwreaker which is the strongest rock move so ryperier saved me!My bro beats him easily but that was my first time my bro has defected him twice. u will get 20 BP(battle points) for defecting him.

  6. Hola, I have the location of an odd keystone. If you go to the man across from the berry masters house or if you search in the lake in your hometown there are odd keystones then talk to 30 people underground after you put he piece in the crumbling tower to get Spiritomb.

    This is Pokeking signing off

  7. if anybody is getting mystery dungeon 2 heres my info

    Pokemon mystery dungeon2 big information page

    Playable characters starters:

    Bulbasaur charmander squirtle pikachu meowth chikorita cyndaquil totodile treecko torchic mudkip skitty turtwig chimchar piplup munchlax.

    Non-playable characters guild:
    Chatot loudred diglett dudtrio chimecho croagunk sunflora corphish bidoof/good friend.

    Treasure town:
    Kangaskhan xatu kecleon duskull electivire chansey marowak.

    Next page for more…

    Other rescue teams:

    Razor wind:zangoose syther sandslash.

    Poppodoh:pidgey seedot.

    Happies:togepi politoed.

    Poison rose:skuntank koffing zubat.

    Charms:lopunny gardevoir medicham.

    Eatable:swellow wurmple.

    Poochyenas:poochyena poochyena poochyena.

    Mckuro:shuppet murkrow.

    Next page for more…

    Story mode bosses:
    From dungeon order:

    Zubat and koffing
    Luxio(several)and luxray
    Kabutops and omastar(2)
    Dusknoir and sableye(several)
    Dark dialga
    Wigglytuff guild

    Next page for more…
    Get these bosses with these wonder mail codes:
    Kyogre:FN01 HWN- 00%F 8678 +XY@ &%#3
    Groudon (real):#&S6 NY2& YJN= 1P57 F0MN MH7Y
    Articuno:4MP= K98# CT%Y R@=& P7% % K86
    Heatran:FH0T HYNH ROQF 86N8 +SY@ &%YN
    Giratina:WNWY JXTK &5C1 4N3- P4NM 8K&C
    Rayquaza:HW+8 66%T 5S51 +J5Y 4-K# H@P-
    Mew:X%8S WYY+ S-JF PFH@ @##K 5W8K
    Gabite:78SR –H2M PO+4 Y6FY 1&Y+ #R9S

    You can only get these bosses if the leader is holding the enigma part of the secret stone plate while going through certain dungeons:

    Zapdos raikou entei suicune lugia ho-oh celebi latias latios jirachi deoxys

    Miscellaneous some-playable characters:
    Krabby grovyle vigoroth shinx celebi (shiny) lapras torkoal scizor cresselia manaphy phione

    Seashore cave, Damp rockground, Mt.spike, Waterfallcave, Appleforest, Shoreline rockground, Mt.horn, Thick fog forest, Hot watercave, Electric plateau, Northerndesert, Quicksand cave, Crystalcave, greatcrystal passage, spatialcave, darknesshill, imprison rockground, blackforest, forest highplatform, brinkforest, coastline cave, miragefield, dimensionaltower, mysticforest, blizzardisland, crevice cave, enclosed sea, miraclesea, watchmancave, mt.practice, nightmarecentre, sky fissure, darkcrater, hiddenruins, sea resort, bottomless sea, shimmering desert, mt.avalanche, giantvolcano, the great hole, skystairs, mysteriousjungle, quiet river, rolling cave, green meadow, small field, maze cave, orange forest,endlake,joycape,mt.wind, shining hill, undeveloped wasteland,
    Dark night forest
    Zero island north
    Zero island east
    Zero island south
    Zero island west
    Final maze

    this next bit might get a bit mixed up…


    Articuno: size 2, lvl 43
    LOCATION: mt.avalanche summit
    RECRUIT: wonder mail code

    Zapdos: size 2, lvl 29
    LOCATION: electric plateau b7 f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Moltres: size 2, lvl 45
    LOCATION: final maze b40 f

    Mewtwo: size 1, lvl 50
    LOCATION: Dark crater b6 f, watchman cave deepest part b5 f.
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Mew: size 1, lvl 46
    LOCATION: Mysterious jungle interior
    RECRUIT: wonder mail code

    Raikou: Size 1, lvl 46
    LOCATION: Hidden ruins b20 f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Entei: size 1, lvl 47
    LOCATION: dark crater deepest part b10f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Suicine: size 1, lvl 45
    LOCATION: Final maze b29f
    RECRUIT: none

    Lugia: size 4, lvl 45
    LOCATION: Enclosed sea b18f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Ho-oh: size 4, lvl 43
    LOCATION: MT. Wind 19f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Celebi: size 1 lvl ?
    LOCATION: Mystic forest 10f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Regirock regice registeel: size 2, lvl 46
    LOCATION: Watchman cave in there own chambers
    RECRUIT: second visit

    Latias: size 2, lvl 44
    LOCATION: sky fissure 10. joy cape b10
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Latios: size 2, lvl 44
    LOCATION: sky fissure deepest part b5f, dark night forest b24f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    Kyogre, rayquaza groudon: size 4, lvl 49
    Bottomless sea bottom sky stair summit shimmering desert interior
    RECRUIT: Wondermail codes

    Jirachi size 1 lvl 45 deoxys:
    Final maze b23f shining hill 17f
    Recruit:??? Recruit:secret stone plate, enigma part

    Uxie mesprit azelf: size 1, lvl 42
    Uxie:hot water cave summit
    Mesprit: quick sand cave underground lake
    Azelf: great crystal passage crystal lake

    Dialga, Palkia: size 4, lvl 48
    Dialga: dimensional tower summit
    Palkia: sky fissure bottom
    Dialga: after credits roll
    Palkia: on second visit
    Heatran: size 1 lvl 49
    LOCATON: giant volcano summit
    RECRUIT: wonder mail codes
    Regigigas: size 4, lvl 49
    LOCATION: wathman cave regigigas’s chamber
    RECRUIT: on second visit
    Giratina: size 4 lvl 48
    LOCATION: the great hole 30f
    RECRUIT: wonder mail codes

    Cresselia: size 1 lvl 47
    LOCATION: sharpedo rock
    RECRUIT: automatically recruits after darkrai mission

    Phione: size 1 lvl 40
    LOCATION: miracle sea bottom
    RECRUIT: automatically recruits on second visit

    Manaphy: size 1 lvl 40
    LOCATION: sharpedo rock
    RECRUIT: automatically recruits after it returns after the darkrai mission

    Darkrai: size 1 lvl 53
    LOCATION: mystic forest 13f, crevice cave deepest part b2f, miracle sea b3f, mt.practice b17f, sky fissure b14f
    RECRUIT: secret stone plate, enigma part

    hope you enjoyed it all#

    by *manaphylover*

    • I got Mewtwo At Lv.80 In sky stairway wondermail B40F 8* mission and he’ll be joining your team

  8. how do u get darkrai?

    • Miracle sea Bring a Golden mask if not you will have a hard time

      • 1.you need friend bow/golden mask(he is extremely hard to recruit)
        2.Mystifying Forest(B3F)
        Crevice Cave(B2F)
        Miracle Sea(B3F)
        Mt. Travail(B17F)
        Spacial Rift(B14F)
        3.Go to the following Place Above (with Secret Slab Or Mystery Part in Treasure Bag)
        4.He will at Level 53
        5.His Body Size=1
        6.His Recruit Rate=-22%(Very Low Bring one Friend Bow/Golden Mask)
        7.His OQ Group=1

  9. Does anyone have wonder mail codes for the Secret Sone Plate

  10. where do you get a secret stoneplate in pokemon m ystery dungeon 2

  11. the game is out ive got in english *us*

  12. how to finsh blizzard island i am torchic my partner is piplup

    • just let yor self learn more fire type move

  13. hi , if yu whant to hatch a egg faster yu just need a slugma

  14. Good tips, everyone! And manaphylover especially! I’ll add them with credit from you.

    Adminicap, Torchic and Piplup should be good for Blizzard Island. Bring lots of Reviver Seeds though, as well as some Max Elixirs and 2 Weather Bands (for Hail). You should only need about 2 Apples, or 1 Big Apple, for each dungeon: Blizzard Island and Crevice Cave. *Note: Crevice Cave is a seperate dungeon, so if you return to Treasure Town from there you can go directly back to Crevice Cave on the list of dungeons and not have to go through Blizzard Island again.

    Torchic should have Flamethrower for long-distance, since it snows there too, and Ice-type Pokemon go to double speed in snow. Nail them from far away with a super-effective hit to stop that. You should also have a Fire attack that only hits the square in front of you and/or around corners, so you don’t waste all of your PP on Flamethrower.

    Piplup should have one solid Water attack, like Brine or maybe Whirlpool. Fury Attack or Drill Peck is good too.

    Use your attacks on Ice-types, and let Piplup attack any others, including Normal types.

    Hope that helps!


    • You know how the key to beating Rayquaza in Mystery Dungeon 1 is Ice Beam? Beating Dark Dialga is easy if you know Dig. Why? Because it’s a very powerful move alone, and on top of that, it’s super effective. Plus you can dodge Dialga’s Roar of Time, which will do around 160 damage or so.

      Luckily, you’re a Piplup, which can learn Dig. I would find a Dig TM (I don’t think you can buy them at the normal Kecleon market, though I’ve seen one in a dungeon store) and teach it to yourself. Once you’ve done that, make sure Chimchar knows either Flamethrower, Fire Blast, or another powerful Fire move.

      I’ll be posting the suggested battle plan today, but in case you don’t see it, here’s the preferred one:

      Step 1. Somewhere in Temporal Tower (BEFORE you get to Dialga), equip you and your partner with either Zinc Bands (to survive Roar of Time), Power Bands (to boost Dig/a strong physical attack), or Special Bands (for a strong special attack). If you have better stuff like Pass Scarves, by all means use them, but those are basic ones.

      Step 2. Set your partner’s Tactics to “Go after foes” and turn only their strongest attacks on.

      Step 2. Throw an X-Eye Seed (Darkness-only) at Dark Dialga. If you don’t have Darkness, use a Blinker Seed. (NOT a Sleep Seed!)

      Step 3. Go get ‘im! =D Just keep using Dig and have your partner use their attack until our evil Dragon buddy snaps out of his Special Condition, then throw another one at him and keep attacking.

      FYI, Dark Dialga has ~3000 HP, I believe. But Dig does about 500. ^^

      AAAND, for anyone that wants to recruit Piplup onto your team…
      Rescue Piplup! (it’ll join your team after)
      Beach Cave 2F

      R 8 @ = N K 6 X 6 F M W

      5 6 H 0 3 0 & # 2 8 8 J

      Unfortunately, the only level you can recruit the clients at is Level 1. (I have a level 1 Luxray and Gyarados xD)

      • i have level 1 dragonite xD

  16. Anyone of u know any Wonder mail for recruit Piplup (male,pretty good lvl)?

  17. how do u get the stone plate back after losing it

  18. i can’t see my own replies…..

    • Really? Maybe something’s glitching with WordPress today.

  19. ok so im walking down route maybe 212 and i decided to fish with super rod and i got a red gyarados just like that, i swear i didn’t hack it. i was amazed

  20. Please answer me!!! I really need to know how to get electric plateau, hidden ruins, enclosed sea, Mt. wind, Mystic forest, sky fissure, joy cape, dark night forest, dimensional tower, and Mt. practice.

    OH!! and i just want to know if it is still unknown how to get shaymin or arceus.

    • It looks like we’ve got a translation problem on our hands. You see, when Pokemon International translates a game from Japanese, there might be some changes made to the names of places and stuff. For example, before Diamond and Pearl came out in the U.S., Chimchar was called Hikozaru.

      Japanese Translation = English Name

      Electric Plateau = Amp Plains
      Hidden Ruins = Concealed Ruins
      Enclosed Sea = Surrounded Sea
      Mt. Wind = Mt. Mistral
      Mystic Forest = Mystifying Forest
      Sky Fissure = Spacial Rift (ironically, the PMD2 official guide still says Sky Rift)
      Joy Cape = Happy Outlook
      Dark Night Forest = Midnight Forest
      Dimensional Tower = Temporal Tower
      Mt. Practice = Mt. Travail

      And for the Shaymin and Arceus thing, if you mean in PMD2, you cannot get them on your team.
      In PMD3 (Sky), you can get Shaymin after going all the way through Mt. Battle for the second time, and see an Arceus statue that gives you a name-which-I-cannot-recall Orb that boosts your stats. (the statue won’t join your team though)

      In D/P/P, yes, you can. There was a Shaymin event before Platinum was released, at Toys R Us. And Japan has gotten both the Member’s Card (unlocks Newmoon Island and Darkrai) and the Oak’s Letter (unlocks Seabreak Path and Shaymin) over Wi-Fi. Also in Japan, there’s an Arceus event about to happen, where you can download a Lv. 100 Arceus that knows Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, and Shadow Force.

      Hope that helps!

  21. I just now saw darkrai in a dungeon and killed him and he didn’t join me. Will i get another chance?

    • Yep!

      And if he’s not joining, try these rules:

      –Stay in an adjacent square. If you aren’t next to him when you beat him, he won’t join you.
      –Make sure the leader deals the finishing blow! To prevent your teammates from killing him, turn off their attacks.
      –Level up! The higher level you are, the higher the chance.
      –Wear a Friend Bow, Amber Tear, or Golden Mask! These items raise the recruitment chance too, especially the latter two. Here’s a wondermail for a Golden Mask:

      M @ @ 4 = Q C – 3 7 C T

      M + = + S P 2 Y @ C 8 N

      If he still won’t join you, remember that even if you are level 100 with a Golden Mask and the IQ skill Friend Recruiter on, and you’re right next to him and finish him off, it might not work. Darkrai has a VERY LOW recruitment rate. But once you get him, it’s DEFINITELY worth it. Walking through walls at double speed with a bag of only Big Apples is pretty fun.

  22. Type these in Wonder Mail:

    Code for Seret Slab (Stoneplate):
    +XYT N4%K 8RQQ
    Y9HW Y@PM 5=CS

    Code for Mystery Part (Enigma Part):
    =2wQ 6#86 QWH5
    @0F8 C52F H66&

    There! Happy now?

    Code for Golden Seed (Raises 5 levels)
    6M66 9WF4 XXY6
    Q16T =4%6 F7SX

    Code for Golden Mask (Hold for Easier Recruits)
    XJTY X7RX H306
    SKY1 -56% 2-C3

    Hope that helps. =)

    • uh… Its called the MYSTERY part just to say ok ppl? SO IF U HAVE THE GUIDE THIS IS THE MYSTERY PART. the enigma part is.

  23. Ok Thanks I rescued scizor and right now im facing darkrai..

  24. did somebody know how to remove the boxes at the seven island….


    i really want to know whats in there……….


    send me a message at friendster.

    • I’m not really sure what you mean. Do you need to solve the puzzle? If so, all that does is unlock the Unown in Tanoby Ruins…

      • go to the hippodon tower

    • use a key buy one in the kecelion brothers shop the pink one

  25. how do u catch groudon on pokemon dimond

    • You… don’t. The only way to get Groudon, Kyogre, or Rayquaza on Diamond (well, before HG/SS come out anyway) is to migrate them. You can catch Groudon on Ruby or Emerald.

  26. Good stuff, I “Stumbled” you. My DIGG account got messed up but I like Stumbling better anyway.

  27. r there any wondermail codes for an arceus on your team?plus hints (not villa furniture)for platinum pokemon?oh and bytheby,im the biggest fan of pokemon ever!

    • Unfortunately, Arceus is not playable in any of the Mystery Dungeon games, save for Stormy, Light, and Blazing Adventure Squads for WiiWare.

      The closest you can get is the statue of Arceus that gives you a Space Globe, at the top of the 99-floor Destiny Tower.
      However, the Space Globe is definitely worth it – it boosts the power of ALL your team’s moves by 50%!!

      Hope that helps!

      • I have the guide right here and it says space globe boosts attacks by 100% XD btw camohopper11 😛 funniest thing I saw today

    • Heck no your not! I have pikachu wallpaper, face paint, piggy banks, clothes, hats, all pokémon games in the world, (all languages) and even a Pikachu TV, along with every Pokémon DVD and cassette tape known to man!!!

  28. on pmd2 time ive got a lv 100 snorlax as me and a lv 100 blastiose and ive beat darkrai it took me ages theres to many of the people with him he is easy but his people are not and cressila is useless it keeps dieing then after everyone exept darkrai was dead i kepted hitting him with shockwave it cant miss

    • i use pikachu in first try Lv.50 and partner cyndaquil Lv.49 first i just kill rhyperior using dig then discharge voila all pokemon EXEPT darkrai faint for darkrai i just use thunder twice and my partner flamethrower cresselia aurora beam voila he’s faint it was a piece of cake

  29. Does anyone know if there is a recruit code for any legendary Pokemon besides Mew, Giratina Origin Forme, and Shaymin Sky Forme in Pokemon Rumble?

  30. doubt it 😛 btw anyone know hot to get arceus in pmd3? OTHER THAN THE TOWER!

    • i think arceus can be recruited in destiny tower(which 99 floors)in the last floor will be a statue (arceus’s Statue) i don’t know it’s effect but not it’s not arceus i’m dissapointed

      • Yeah, you can’t recruit Arceus in any Mystery Dungeon games, only see its statue in Sky (kind of like the statues of Lucario, Weavile, Mime Jr., Bonsly, etc. from Generation 4 you could put outside your house in Red and Blue Rescue Team).

        However, the Space Globe it gives you is nearly as good as Arceus itself… if you can make it through the 99 floors, of course. 😉

  31. do any o u no how to get to darkrai?
    if therez a wonder mail code plz giv it to me!!!

  32. u neeed ambr teer/goldenmask go to floor 3 of miracle sea!!!

  33. Ae to rantede para god of mage vamos matarrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11nessa porra

  34. coste do saite po vlw cara to bolado pena que so tenho 10 ano de idade sa visiei po
    evica con deus nao estamos sosinhos nessa vida loca dudu msn 9949@hotmail.com

  35. ae lvl 105 e divisel de chegar jogo des do 8 anos

  36. what are codes for the amber tear

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