Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum


The Starters’ Ultimate Moves: If you bring your Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Torterra, Infernape or Empoleon to the house in the desert on route 228, the man will teach them their Ultimate Move if you have high friendship. He will teach the Grass-types Frenzy Plant, the equivalent of a Grass-type Hyper Beam, the Fire-types Blast Burn, the equivalent of a Fire Hyper Beam, and the Water-Types Hydro Cannon, the equivalent of a Water typed Hyper Beam.

Acid Rain Glitch: This is how to perform the Acid Rain Glitch in Pokemon Platinum. (works in Platinum ONLY) Use at your own risk.

Step 1. Find someone else who’s willing to do the glitch with you.

Step 2. Send out Abomasnow and have your opponent send out an Abra.

Step 3. Switch out Abomasnow to a powerful Pokemon with Pursuit. Have your friend use Teleport (which will fail).

Step 4. Have your friend switch out Abra. Use Pursuit on Abra. Abra should faint.

Step 5. When your opponent sends out another Pokemon, you will notice it is raining, sunny, hailing, and sandstorming all at the same time, and for each weather effect, all Pokemon get hurt the same as Hail or Sandstorm.

The way this works is: If one player uses Pursuit while the other player’s Pokemon is switching and causes the switching Pokemon to faint, while a damaging weather effect (namely Sandstorm or Hail) is in play, the Acid Rain glitch will be activated.

Facts about this glitch:

–You must be very careful if you have either Castform or Cherrim on your team. If you send them out during the Acid Rain, they’ll change forms over and over again for an infinite amount of times, forcing you to turn off your game.
–Clefable’s Magic Guard ability protects it from the effects of Acid Rain. (you can also Skill Swap Magic Guard onto another Pokemon)

Mystery Gift: On the top floor of the Jubilife TV station, there should be a man and woman. If you talk to the man, he will ask you a question. Say ‘Everybody Happy’. He will then ask you another question. Say ‘Wi-Fi Connection’. Save, turn off the power, and turn it on again. You should have the option ‘Mystery Gift’ in the Menu. It lets you get a lot of can’t-miss items and Pokemon, including:
–Nintendo event Pokemon such as the Red Scarf Manaphy, the Alamos Darkrai with Roar of Time and Spacial Rend, the Micle Berry Shaymin, Special Regigigas (which unlocks the Regi events if traded to Platinum), and lv. 100 Arceus with Judgement, Shadow Force, Roar of Time, and Spacial Rend
–Electivire and Magmortar from Pokemon Battle Revolution
–Key Items such as the Secret Key (changes Rotom’s forms), the Member Card (unlocks Darkrai event at Newmoon Island), Oak’s Letter (unlocks Shaymin event at Flower Paradise), and the Azure Flute (unlocks Arceus event at Hall of Origin)
–items from Pokemon Battle Revolution (eg. Evolution Items, TMs, Berries)
–Underground items like the Lucario Doll
–plus more!

Time Travel Tricks: If you change the time on your DS, it will change the time on your Diamond or Pearl, right? So if you want to get a rare Pokemon like Rotom, change your DS time to night hours, and go into the Old Chateau.

Phione: To get a Phione, you must breed a Manaphy with a Ditto. A Phione will hatch from the egg. Phione is kind of like Manaphy – it looks similar and has similar attacks – but does not evolve into Manaphy and has lower stats and cannot learn Heart Swap. It also cannot learn as many TMs and HMs as Manaphy can.

Giratina Origin Form: This secret is PLATINUM-ONLY!! To transform Giratina – even one traded over from Diamond or Pearl – you need to have the Griseous Orb. If Giratina is holding the Griseous Orb (which not only transforms it but also boosts the power of its Ghost and Dragon moves), it will transform into its Origin Form. Altered Form and Origin Form are not only different in terms of appearance – Altered Form has higher Defense and Special Defense, while Origin Form has higher Attack and Special Attack.
Now, to find the Orb! First of all, you can only get it once you beat the game. The Griseous Orb is located in the Distortion World. YES, YOU CAN GO BACK. However, don’t bother going through Mt. Coronet again – you can find a smaller section of it in the deepest parts of Turnback Cave, where Giratina used to be in Diamond and Pearl. (NOTE!!): This will NOT WORK if you didn’t catch Giratina the first time, since Giratina will be there instead of the portal. Yes, you can battle it again, unlike Dialga and Palkia in D/P. But I digress.
Turnback Cave is near Lake Valor – you’ll find it as “Spring Path: The fourth lake of Sinnoh that was kept secret” on the Town Map when you beat the game. You’ll need Rock Climb to get into the secret cave in the lake, and Defog and Rock Smash are optional to make your trip through the actual cave a bit easier. Once in, run through random foggy rooms with formations of Rock Smashable boulders (you don’t actually need to smash them – every formation has at least two gaps to go through) until you pass three pillars. Eventually, you should come to a room with a portal in it like the one at Mt. Coronet. Go through it.
This time, it’s easier to navigate, since it’s just a tiny portion of the huge world that took you hours to get through. No sweat. Just stick to the path, and you’ll find a lone item. Press A up to it, and voila! You’ve got yourself a Griseous Orb!

Shaymin Sky Form: To get Shaymin Sky Form, which has more Speed than its Land counterpart, you’ll need: 1. a Shaymin, either from a download event or with the Oak’s Letter and 2. a Gracidea flower. To get the Gracidea flower, put Shaymin in the first slot of your party, then talk to a lady with brown hair in Floaroma Town. She will give it to you.

Be aware that although it is a Key Item, it cannot be used at night. Why? Because Shaymin reverts to its Land Form every night! If it is frozen it will change back too.

Polish your Badges: When you go to your trainer card and look at your badges, you can rub your stylus over them to gradually make them brighter and brighter. The lowest quality you can get (by never polishing it) is ‘rusty’, and the highest (by consistently polishing it) is ‘4 sparkles’. Also, you can tap them to play a scale.

Calculator Cries: If the answer to a problem on your Poketch calculator is the same Pokedex number as a Pokemon you’ve already seen, it will play its cry. Say you put in 1 + 1. It equals two, obviously. And guess who’s number two on the Sinnoh Dex? Grotle’s cry will be played. If you have the National Dex and you have seen it, Ivysaur’s sound will be heard.

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  1. i have regigigas in my pokemon platinum i go to mt. coronet no statue found can you help? i want to catch regigigas at Lv.1 and legendary golems

    • You’ve almost got it right. However, the lv. 1 Regigigas is at the bottom of SNOWPOINT TEMPLE, not Mt. Coronet. You’ll also have to solve an ice puzzle to get to it.

      When you do, make sure you bring a Pokemon with False Swipe so you can easily catch it even at a low level without fainting it. If the Pokemon has a move inflicting Sleep or Paralysis, that’s even better!

      And the other Regis are in the following places in hidden caves, but ONLY if you have the Toys R Us Regigigas (the lv. 100 one) in your party:
      -Regirock: Route 228
      -Regice: snowy area of Mt. Coronet
      -Registeel: Iron Island

      Good luck!

  2. You know how there is a pokemon statue in the pokemon masion? How do you solve the mystery? I aleady know that if you go like at three o’clock in the morning, the police won’t be there. But i dont know what to do next. Please help me. And my game version is platinum.

    • It’s not much, really, but if you visit the Mansion between 2 and 6 AM, the guard won’t be there and your character will say “It’s a very expensive-looking statue… …! You got fingerprints on it!”

      Just a little Easter egg type thing. ^^

  3. Does anyone have any good shaymin sky form movesets that dont include hiddenpower?

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