“Quote Archives”

10/29/07 – “…We MUST have that sweet honey!!!” -Team Galactic Grunt (Floaroma Meadow)

11/03/07 – “………………………………………………..” -Prof. Rowan (staring/’talking’ to rival) Canalave Library, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

11/15/07 – “I need pants.” -Slowking on Shamouti Island

11/23/07 – Misty: “This isn’t funny! I look like a cartoon!”
Ash: “Yeah, like that would ever happen!”

12/07/07 – “Perhaps we should consider exploring alternate methods of transportation.” -Jessie

12/14/07 – “Fruit doesn’t grow on trees, you know!!” -James

05/29/10 – Jessie: “We’ll coerce those creeps into creating chaos, causing a calamity, and in the uncontrolled commotion we’ll capture those condors!” James: “Brilliant use of the letter C!”



  1. OH YEAHHH! the honey thing!

  2. I like today’s funny quote!

  3. 😉 Lol

  4. up date your guotes also

  5. up date your quotes also

  6. I only think the last one is funny, lulz.

  7. You should keep making these they’re really good

    • Thanks! I’ll put one up today because you asked for it, but otherwise they’ll probably only be added if I find a really good quote.

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