StraTalk is Pokemon Strategy’s forum for console Pokemon players. Just chat away!

Some possible topics:

What strategy style do you like best?

Do you want your team rated by other players or me?

What’s your favorite Pokemon?

What’s your favorite Pokemon type?

What’s your highest level Pokemon?

Do you have any Shiny Pokemon?

Do any of your Pokemon have the Pokerus?

Are you looking for a certain Pokemon, but can’t find it?

What’s the rarest Pokemon you have?

Do you want to share a strategy?

Have you ever seen a glitch Pokemon?

I hope you have fun!




  1. Yo, this is cool.

    Shdowgroudon’s Comment:

    Thank you!

  2. Ohh Some one tell me how to pokemon craterv7

  3. Email me at

  4. I can beat everyone with my Linoone! LOL! Really! It knows Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower and Fury Swipes.

  5. wow

  6. What’s your fav Pokemon, everyone?

  7. hey
    i’m going to answer all your questions… this might be kinda long

    What strategy style do you like best? Dunno

    Do you want your team rated by other players or me? This is my team that i’m training: Arcanine, Politoed(still trying to get it), Venomoth, Espeon (eevee at the moment), Meganium(still trying to get…) annnd Psyduck, of course!

    What’s your favorite Pokemon? PSYDUCK!!!!

    What’s your favorite Pokemon type? Uhhh, water

    What’s your highest level Pokemon? 100, but not by using cheats or hacks

    Do you have any Shiny Pokemon? Yeah, but they’re all from you

    Do any of your Pokemon have the Pokerus? No

    Are you looking for a certain Pokemon, but can’t find it? YES!!!! Shiny ditto

    What’s the rarest Pokemon you have? Arceus… it’s hacked, but i only use for it for training purposes, like, running through the elite 4 with it, with another pokemon using

    Do you want to share a strategy? Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The best starter is Cubone. Pokemon games: if you breed a pokemon with a shiny ditto, it ends up being a 1/64 chance of getting it shiny

    Have you ever seen a glitch Pokemon? No

  8. rayquaza

  9. Cool!

  10. Can you please rate my superteam? It’s competitive.

    Blissey- Natural Cure- leftovers
    Ice Beam
    Thunder Wave

    Kyogre- Drizzle- Wise Glasses/?
    Ice Beam
    Water Spout

    Charizard- Blaze- Salac Berry
    Belly Drum
    Fire Punch
    Dragon Claw

    Lucario- Steadfast- Quick Claw
    Dark Pulse
    Aura Sphere
    Dragon Pulse
    Calm Mind

    Groudon- Drought- Razor Claw
    Stone Edge

    I don’t know what to do for my last Pokemon. Suggestions would be helpful!

    • I would like to reply to what you wrote, you might want to try an offesive and defensive pokemon, for example arceus or darkrai. Glad I could help :}

  11. P.S. My favorite pokemon is Kyogre, as you can probably guess

  12. Hmm… here’s what I think.

    Blissey: Awesome work! This Pokemon is ready for competitive battling!

    Kyogre: Well… I would change Earthquake to a Ground-type Hidden Power, because it doesn’t benefit from its whopping Sp. Attack as it is now. Also, Water Spout might be a bit risky, especially if you’re facing a faster Uber (a pretty likely possibility).

    Charizard: This is a good Bellyzard set. I would leave it as-is.

    Lucario: Pretty good, although unless it is slightly defensive, I might go with Nasty Plot instead.

    Groudon: Eruption should go down the drain, because not only is it testing your luck, but Groudon’s Special stats are not too good. Go with Fire Punch instead. Solarbeam is a viable option, but again, you may want to consider another move due to its shabby Specials.

    I don’t know what your last Pokemon should be, but it may be worth noticing that Groudon and Kyogre together on a team may not work so well due to their conflicting abilities. (not to mention rivalries!) If you boot Groudon off, take Bellyzard off as well and replace it with Manaphy or Palkia, both of which take advantage of Rain Dance. (Manaphy with Rest-Rain-Hydration and Palkia with x2 STAB+Rain Dance Boost for its Water attacks) If you boot Kyogre then get another Pokemon which takes advantage of Sunny Day (eg. a Solarbeaming Grass-type, etc.)

  13. Can I ask you, what is a Bellyzard? I see people ALWAYS using it… what does it mean?
    Alright… and do you mind rating my Super team? Still in the making, though… and yes, I have some NUs mixed in with NUs and stuff (ultimate pkmn strategy), I want my team as different as possible, and no legendaries either… oh yeah, and mind telling me some good items i could use for them?

    Starmie (my Status…tical?/annoying pokemon)
    Confuse Ray
    Ice Beam
    Trick Room

    Minun (just basically runs around and annoys the other team, after Starmie has used Trick Room)
    Double Team
    Grass Knot

    Psyduck (ummm… basically an EV trained Pokemon who will beat the… uh… apples out of the opponent. yes, my psyduck will own your groudon! just kidding… it probably couldn’t even if it was EV trained)
    Iron Tail
    Ice Beam

    …i’ll continue it later.

  14. P.S. Lol, I think you got Kyogre and Groudon mixed up in the above post… Groudon has sunny day, Kyogre’s got rain dance… sorry, just wanna point it out, no offence.

  15. I want a shiny ditto so bad, can’t find any shiny pokemon. Whats pokerus?

  16. I want a shiny ditto so bad, can’t find any shiny pokemon. Whats pokerus?

    It’s an awesome disease that I think is even harder to get than shiny Pokemon. Your pokemon gets more EVS… I think. And me toooo! I’m dying for one.

  17. Kyorgeky that is a great pokemon team,Blissy has mass Hp which is good i rate ur team…….. 8/10
    The last pokemon could be a kabutops which is found underground as a fossel it starts a a kabuto at lvl 20 so ur goin have to lvl it up 20 lvls to evolve it.make it hold a focus Sash or a focus band the focu band and sash are found at the battle tower for 48 BP or at Pal Park in the old mans house he will tell u a number and u have to get a Pokemon the same lvl as the number. and ur Lucario should learn Me first which is really good.

  18. im like Psyduck i dont use ledgendaries cause its cheating im goin use my team for pokemon battle revolution and my second team has 3 ledgendaries Kyorge Giratina and Palkia which means i have Pokemon Pearl

  19. Well, it’s not really cheating, it’s just a bit unfair. People can take down legendaries with normal Pokemon, but if it’s a really well-trained legendary, it might be a bit harder, and you don’t want to use your Pokemon’s strength on killing one Pokemon when there’s five more to go. And if there’s five more to go, you’re doomed.

    Well, maybe, unless you’re an incredibly good trainer.

  20. And plus you could always trade. ^_^

    Psyduck, I’m sorry I can’t rate at the moment but I’ll try to get back to you ASAP!

  21. my torterra could take out a ledgendary its really well trained and plus i am a n incredible good trainer my turttwig was lvl 5 and it took out like 10 wild lvl 3 pokemon cause i used withdraw to raise its defence the wild pokemon only did 1 damage on me.and i cant wait till pokemon mystery dungeon 2 comes out here.

  22. I know! It will probably come out in the Spring, but it could be delayed or finished early. Who are you guys going to be in Mystery Dungeon? I’m going to be a Mudkip (of course) with a Turtwig as my partner, and I’m only going to evolve Turtwig. Anyway, you are pretty good. Did you EV train your Turtwig and what Nature and IVs did it have?

    Psyduck, I will rate your team in the next comment.

  23. Starmie (my Status…tical?/annoying pokemon)
    Confuse Ray
    Ice Beam
    Trick Room

    Starmie is… well… not the best. It’s made for Sweeping, despite its wide array of Status and Statistical moves. The reason? It can’t take any Choice boosted hits, and any Pokemon with high stats can OHKO it. Even a UU could beat a Defensive or Statistical Starmie in 2-3 hits. So although Toxic would be a pretty good move on a Pokemon like Bronzong, it doesn’t work so well on Starmie. I WOULD have Confuse Ray, however, because it will probably force a switch and give you a turn to Trick Room. Speaking of Trick Room… Starmie has wicked Speed. But if you use Trick Room, you’ll have the lowest Speed you’ve ever seen since Shuckle. However, Ice Beam is very good, and pairs with Thunderbolt well and can take down anything but Magnezone with one of the two, since hardly any Pokemon resist the BoltBeam combo. And you might want Surf instead of Trick Room and Psychic instead of Confuse Ray to make Starmie a full sweeper. However, this would ruin Minun and Psyduck, but no offense but Minun is a UU to (*gasp*) NU Pokemon, and you’d probably want to evolve Psyduck unless you’re like me and Mudkip. ^_^

    Minun (just basically runs around and annoys the other team, after Starmie has used Trick Room)
    Double Team
    Grass Knot

    Alright, for a Minun this is pretty decent. But why Endure? I know it has poor defensive stats, but you can’t use Endure forever. Encore and Double Team, though, that’s good. Just don’t use Encore on a pure Sweeper with a Choice item! Grass Knot is OK, I guess, but a lot more Pokemon are weak to Electric, unless you want to take down the likes of Swampert, Groudon and Kyogre in OU or Ubers! It’s not your fault, though. Overall, Minun just isn’t the best Pokemon. 😦

    Psyduck (ummm… basically an EV trained Pokemon who will beat the… uh… apples out of the opponent. yes, my psyduck will own your groudon! just kidding… it probably couldn’t even if it was EV trained)
    Iron Tail
    Ice Beam

    But for a Psyduck, this is actually quite good. Except for the fact that Iron Tail is an Attack move. Just replace it with something else, like Amnesia, although I doubt it could take one hit, no offense.

    Well, this team would be OK in UU, but it would be kind of unfair for your opponents because you have a Starmie, which belongs in OU, where Psyduck and Minun wouldn’t stand a chance. Where do you want to use this team? Or is it an in-game team? I can’t give you suggestions for items or the remaining three Pokemon without knowing, because your team is being torn apart by the Tier split.

  24. Sorry about that, but I’m trying to help you make it better.

  25. Legendaries aren’t all that powerful, really. There are so many counters I could list that it ain’t funny. And what about Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, or those other 600 base total pokes? They have equal base total as other legendaries such as Deoxys(all forms), Cresselia, Darkrai, Manaphy, etcetera.

    It’s only how you use the pokes that determine your skill/outcome of winning, not legend this, legend that bs.

  26. Here’s an example of what I use for my team:
    It is an offense based theme, and can wreck havoc if used skillfully.
    As you may see, there’s not much staller/wall at all, but this team depends on predictions and status inducements.

    1.Gengar @ Choice Scarf
    Timid-6 HP/252 SAtk/252 Spe
    -Shadow Ball
    -HP Ice

    2.Roserade @ Leftovers/Life Orb
    Timid-6 HP/252 SAtk/252 Spe
    Natural Cure
    -Leaf Storm
    -HP Fire
    -Stun Spore
    -Sleep Powder

    3.Lucario @ Life Orb
    Jolly-6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
    Inner Focus
    -Close Combat
    -Sword Dance
    -Bullet Punch
    -Extreme Speed

    4.Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Naughty-252 Atk/252 Spe/6 SAtk
    -Fire Blast

    5.Heatran @ Choice Scarf
    Modest-6 HP/252 SAtk/252 Spe
    Flash Fire
    -Fire Blast
    -HP Elec
    -Dragon Pulse

    6.Garchomp @ Leftovers/Life Orb/Brightpowder
    Jolly-6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
    -Sword Dance

  27. could anyone possiably help me on my journey ,im slowly makeing my way into the pokemon leigon , but my path has been hindered i was confronted by a mudkip and ran away his level i am not sure of i was directed by him how to find his home or layaway
    but my components are unregistered and i am a pirate rideing the windows of the ocean for free it gives great xp, how now would i start my journey over if a whirlwind blew me off course i dont want a complete answer just a hint

  28. Could someone please rate my pokemon team they are the following:

    -close combat
    -flare blitz



    -Sky attack
    -Aura sphere
    – Ancient power

    -Aerial ace
    -Close combat

    -Flash cannon
    -Earth power
    -Dragon claw
    -Roar of time

  29. Do any of you all have a shiny pokemon. Ihave a blue unknown but that is the only pokemon that have that is a differennt color. oh and meh i bet i can beat your poke team with my poke team.

  30. I am trying to get more shiny pokemon. are there any cheats on how to get shinys? i wanna know! my shiny is a blue ditto.

  31. heya, i have literally thousands of shinies so just ask if you wonna know more, I can tell you where to get them. If you just want them direct, ill be putting a lot of them up for grabs on pokemon WFC on pokemon diamond and pearl. So…KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR THEM!!

  32. where do you get shiniey poke’mon

  33. hi i have a shiny arceus shaymin darkrai and every other legendary in pokemon diamond so if want any ust ask me.

  34. hi, im new here and just wanted 2 say iv got a shiny Golem, (found a shiny Geodude in Oreburgh Gate), and my Leafeon had PKRS, (pokerus). And plz rate my current team?

    Skarmory Lv.63 – Steel Wing
    Air Slash
    Fly ( to get around for different places 2 train)
    Night Slash

    Lucario Lv.64 – Aura Sphere
    Dragon Pulse
    Metal Claw

    Metagross Lv.62 – Magnet Rise
    Hammer Arm
    Meteor Mash

    Magnezone Lv.70 – Mirror Shot
    Gyro Ball
    Zap Cannon

    Scizor Lv.63 – False Swipe (used it to catch Mesprit)
    Night Slash
    Iron Head

    Steelix Lv.66 – DragonBreath
    Thunder Fang
    Fire Fang
    Ice Fang

    P.S. my team is till in training…

    P.P.S i have 2 other teams which i may submit later…

    • Ur Steel type team is great! I use Steel/Dragons a lot

  35. by the way this is an awesome site…

  36. i dont really have a fave pokemon, but usually i WOULD say Charizard. But every time i change my fave pokemon to learn about them, like

    my rarest pokemon? well i’ll SOON have a Darkrai, so that’ll be it

    my highest level pokemon is Staraptor Lv.100

    and right now i like the types Steel, Fire, Dragon, and Electric.

  37. i have that Darkrai now…^_^

  38. pokemaster I rate your team 7/10 . change a few movsets and it would be a lot harder to fight.

  39. In Canalave Library, Master ??? is a LVL.70 Ghost/Dragon in a secret part of Lake Valor.

  40. my favorite pokemon is eevee and riolu

  41. i also have a level 100 salamence

  42. who want to trade an eevee that knows iron tail,thunderbolt,shadow ball,and ice beam for a level 100 shiny arceus that knows the move thunderbolt,leaf storm,flamethrower,and ice beam

  43. I can Beat Everyone with my tiny Shaymin and Shiny Mew LvL.100

  44. for Sinnoh Myth, ??? and Master ??? refer to Mespirit because all of the three things said refer to emotions.

  45. for Sinnoh Myth, the ??? and Master ??? refer to Mespirit because all three of the ??? have some reference to emotions before them.

  46. mah teemrate it all r lvl 100’s
    fire type
    hyper beam
    xtreme speed
    giga imact
    seed flare
    giga drain
    sleep powder
    heat storm
    iron head
    iron defnse
    giratina(orgin frme)
    shadow force
    ominous wind
    shadow ball
    that thing thats 2x hypnosis
    shadow ball
    dark pulse
    drill peck

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