Posted by: Shdowgroudon | April 16, 2008

2 New Pokemon in Movie 11!! and Pokemon Opal?

Continuing from the last post: there are two NEW POKEMON in the 11th movie: Giratina and the Bouquet of the Icy Sky: Shaymin! Their names are currently Pokemon A and Pokemon B, and although Pokemon A appears to be a secondary form of Shaymin (like Giratina has Origin Form), Pokemon B is likely to be a NEW FIFTH GENERATION POKEMON!! 


Also, CoroCoro, a Japanese magazine that often releases info on new Pokemon games (including Mystery Dungeon 2, Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon Ranger Battonage, Ruby and Sapphire), had a timeline of Pokemon games in the latest issue. It then said “2008: ???”. Is this Opal?

I’ll try to get more updates as soon as possible, so stay tuned!




  1. horray! mabye the mystery (I SPELLED THAT WRONG OMG) of Pokemon Opal will be revealed! It it does come out, it will be released on DS, correct?

  2. Yeah there is at least one new pokemon, remember they did that in destiny deoxys and the mystery of mew. not to mention the second movie and pokemon heroes. also there is some things about remakes of gold and silver which have been speculated since the gastrodon data and the johto data. The company said no more pokemon to throw of the scent. should they make one.
    also for new pokemon there should be a lion or a platapus. And maybe the legendaries could be titans like from the war between Zeus and Cronus. but it’s just an idea though. Like the whole legend in canalave library 3f.

  3. o3o
    Ummm the game is called Pokemon Platinum. Check

  4. good job

  5. pokemon platinum has been around for nearly a year now but i cant wait till gen 5 come out if anyone has a link to the 5th gen pokedex can they post it

  6. um…no 5th gen yet…but this is awesome 😀 they have remade the original gold and silver 😀 they called Heart Gold and Soul Silver. features: pokemon can follow you :D, Poke Walker (allows u to take pokemon with u anywhere and level them up by walking and also catch pokemon), all new and previous generations available to be on there :), new graphics and a lot of new stuff

    • Actually, by now (March 2010) they’ve revealed two of the Gen 5 Pokemon, but since this was an old post from a few years back, no one knew that then. ^_^

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